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  • Today's Rookie Hazings

    As the White Sox left Arizona for Atlanta this evening,4 players on the White Sox roster got thier initiation to the Big Leagues.

    Bobby Jenks flew to Atlanta having to wear a Fred Flinstone costume.Brian Anderson had to dress up as an Arizona State Cheerleader.Ryan Sweeney was forced to wear a ASU male cheerleader outfit.And Boone Logan had to dress up as a gladiator.

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    I'm suprised to see Bobby Jenks on that list. I'd say a good fitting costume, though.
    I wouldn't mind dressing up as a Gladiator, though. Others might object to me doing so, but I've done things a lot sillier on my own. I'd thought they'd come up with something more creative than chearleaders, though, unless they made 'em do cheers on the ride back in full make-up!
    Johnson and now Goligoski gone.
    I hope that's all.


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