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    Tonight,I start a new segment called Hawk School.It's plain and simple.Every day,I will give you a couple of Hawk Harrelson's catch phrases so that one day,you can be just like Hawk.

    Anyway,here are the first 2 Hawk phrases.

    Bad Guys; White Sox opponents

    Ball Four,Base Hit; A plea to the White Sox hitter with 3 balls in the count to get on base with either a walk or a base hit.

    More coming tomorrow.

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    Tonight's lesson;

    Big Hack,No Contact; Mighty swing and a miss

    Be a 2-Strike Hitter; Turn that next good pitch into a base hit.


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      In other words, these are Hawk-isms.

      I like Hawk for some reason, not because he's a great announcer but it's a fun time just listening to him.
      My Top 4 funniest BBF posts ever:

      1) "plZ dOn;t' pOsT LikE tHIs n e mOr!"

      2) "The teams play 1962 games in 180 days."

      3) "Stadiums don't move silly, people do."

      4) "Once again you quibble, because it is I who speaks."

      5) Almost anything RuthMayBond says...


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        Originally posted by Knick9
        In other words, these are Hawk-isms.

        I like Hawk for some reason, not because he's a great announcer but it's a fun time just listening to him.
        That's right Knick9.Here are today's Hawk phrases;

        Can of Corn; A lazy fly ball. A phrase commonly used throghout baseball.

        Catbird Seat; The hitter has a great count in his favor.


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          Here's some more;

          Chopper,Two-Hopper; A routine ground ball.

          Cookie; A great pitch to hit.
          Example;"He got a cookie there DJ,and he couldn't do anything with it."


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            Here's some more for this off day;

            Double-Barreled Action; 2 relievers warming up in the bullpen for the same team.Usually a lefty and righty at the same time.

            Down to Thier Last Bullet; A hitting team has 1 strike left in the 9th inning.


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              You can put it on the board! What he says for a Sox HR.
              Buck O'Neil: The Monarch of Baseball


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                Originally posted by KCGHOST
                You can put it on the board! What he says for a Sox HR.
                Well, technically, you should immediately follow that with a Y-Y-YE-ESSSS!!!:gt :gt :gt
                But, we'll forgive you, though.
                I think that one was coming near the bottom. I noticed after the second day that he's going in alphabetical order.
                Johnson and now Goligoski gone.
                I hope that's all.


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                  He uses Catbird Seat, too? Red Barber used that. James Thurber took that phrase for the title of an excellent short story, peppering it with a few of Barber's catchphrases.
                  Dave Bill Tom George Mark Bob Ernie Soupy Dick Alex Sparky
                  Joe Gary MCA Emanuel Sonny Dave Earl Stan
                  Jonathan Neil Roger Anthony Ray Thomas Art Don
                  Gates Philip John Warrior Rik Casey Tony Horace
                  Robin Bill Ernie JEDI


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                    Lesson #6

                    Remember gang,there will be a pop quiz sometime down the road on this.

                    The Dreaded Lead-Off Walk; A free pass to start the inning that always seems to come around to score.
                    Warning: Hawk hates the dreaded lead-off walk and is not afraid to say it.

                    Duck Snort; A bloop hit.Sometimes known as a Texas Leaguer in other locales.


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                      Hawk Talk

                      The Fighting Fish -Florida Marlins

                      I have 2 Framed pictures of Hawk on my walls. He was a Senators player for awhile.I also have his autobiography,"Hawk",printed in 1969. He was very cool,style wise.


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                        Lesson VII

                        Ducks on the Pond; Very simple.Runners on base.

                        For Those of You Scoring at Home...; Hawk's attempt to recap the details of a difficult and/or complicated play.


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                          Originally posted by JohnGelnarFan
                          The Fighting Fish -Florida Marlins
                          A couple of more teams here.

                          The Carmines- Boston Red Sox

                          The Nasty Nats- Washington Nationals


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                            He's got a great voice. I liked listening to him during rain delays.


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                              Lesson VIII

                              Here's today's lesson;

                              Get Foul!; Exhorting an opponents hit down the line to land in foul territory instead of in the bleachers and on the scoreboard.

                              Good Guys; The Defending World Champion Chicago White Sox.
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