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2005 White Sox Schedule

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  • 2005 White Sox Schedule

    Here is your White Sox 2005 game schedule.All home games are in CAPS.All game times are Chicago(Central) time.

    APRIL 4- CLEVELAND W 1-0(Buehrle dominant!)
    APRIL 6- CLEVELAND W 4-3(4-run 9th wins it!)
    APRIL 7- CLEVELAND L 11-5,11 innings(Shingo blows save)
    APRIL 8- @ Minnesota W 5-1(El Duque Impressive!)
    APRIL 9- @ Minnesota W 8-5(Sox hit 3 homers)
    APRIL 10- @ Minnesota L 5-2(Santana beats Buehrle)
    APRIL 11- @ Cleveland W 2-1(Garcia stellar)
    APRIL 13- @ Cleveland W 5-4
    APRIL 14- @ Cleveland L 8-5
    APRIL 15- SEATTLE W 6-4(Garand nearly perfect)
    APRIL 16- SEATTLE W 2-1(Another Buerle masterpiece!)
    APRIL 17- SEATTLE L 5-4
    APRIL 18- MINNESOTA W 5-4(2 HRs for Everett)
    APRIL 19- MINNESOTA W 3-1(Finally beat Radke!)
    APRIL 20- @ Detroit W 9-1(At last,a laugher!)
    APRIL 21- @ Detroit W 4-3
    APRIL 22- @ Kansas City,W 8-2(Crede swinging hot bat!)
    APRIL 23- @ Kansas City W 3-2,10 innings(Rowand comes up huge in the 10th)
    APRIL 24- @ Kansas City,W 4-3(Wasn't pretty,but we'll take it)
    APRIL 25- @ Oakland,W 6-0(Garland outduels Zito)
    APRIL 26- @ Oakland,L 9-7(Ugly game)
    APRIL 27- @ Oakland,L 2-1(see above)
    APRIL 29- DETROIT,L 3-2,11 innings(16 men stranded)
    APRIL 30- DETROIT,W 4-3(3-run 7th wins it)
    APRIL RECORD; 17-7,1st place,1 1/2 games ahead of Minnesota

    MAY 1- DETROIT,W 8-0(Garland dominant again!)
    MAY 3- KANSAS CITY,W 5-4(Everett to the rescue!)
    MAY 4- KANSAS CITY,W 4-2(3-run 4th does it!)
    MAY 5- KANSAS CITY,W 2-1(Winnin' Ugly again!)
    MAY 6- @ Toronto, W 5-3
    MAY 7- @ Toronto, W 10-7(Boom goes the dynamite!)
    MAY 8- @ Toronto, W 5-4(1st sweep in TOR since '99)
    MAY 9- @ Tampa Bay, L 4-2(Offense asleep again)
    MAY 10- @ Tampa Bay, L 7-6(Pitchers walk 9)
    MAY 11- @ Tampa Bay, W 5-2(El Duque stops skid)
    MAY 12- BALTIMORE,W 3-2(Garland 7-0!)
    MAY 13- BALTIMORE,W 5-3(3-run rally in the 7th does it!)
    MAY 14- BALTIMORE,L 9-6(Garcia torched)
    MAY 15- BALTIMORE,L 6-2(The Streak is Over)
    MAY 16- TEXAS,L 7-6(Tough one to lose)
    MAY 17- TEXAS,W 5-2(Garland 8-0!)
    MAY 18- TEXAS,W 7-0(Buehrle in control)
    MAY 20- @ Chicago Cubs,W 5-1(Garcia dominant)
    MAY 21- @ Chicago Cubs,W 5-3(4-run 8th wins it!)
    MAY 22- @ Chicago Cubs,L 4-3(McCarthy sharp in debut!)
    MAY 23- @ Los Angeles(AL),L 4-0(Garland drops 1st game)
    MAY 24- @ Los Angeles(AL),W 2-1,11 inn.(Buehrle sharp again)
    MAY 25- @ Los Angeles(AL),W 4-2(Freddy in control)
    MAY 26- @ Los Angeles(AL),L 3-2(Tough loss)
    MAY 27- @ Texas,L 6-2(McCarthy lit up)
    MAY 28- @ Texas,Rained Out
    MAY 29- @ Texas,L 12-4(Garland lit up in the 6th)
    MAY 30- LOS ANGELES(AL),W 5-4(Wild 9th inning)
    MAY 31- LOS ANGELES(AL),W 5-4(Dye job in the 9th!)
    MAY RECORD; 18-10
    OVERALL RECORD; 35-17,1st Place,5 Games Ahead of Minnesota

    JUNE 1- LOS ANGELES(AL) L 10-7
    JUNE 6- @ Colorado,W 9-3(Freddy Retires 22 staight!)
    JUNE 7- @ Colorado,W 2-1(Pitchers duel at Coors)
    JUNE 8- @ Colorado,W 15-5(Bats come alive late)
    JUNE 10- @ San Diego,W 4-1(Garland wins his 10th)
    JUNE 11- @ San Diego,L 2-1(Hermansen blows save)
    JUNE 12- @ San Diego,W 8-5,10 inn.(Rowand's blast wins it!)
    JUNE 13- ARIZONA,L 8-1
    JUNE 14- ARIZONA,L 10-4
    JUNE 15- ARIZONA,W 12-6(10 runs in the 6th!)
    JUNE 17- LOS ANGELES(NL),W 6-0(Buehrle CG)
    JUNE 18- LOS ANGELES(NL),W 5-3(AJ's walk-off does it!)
    JUNE 19- LOS ANGELES(NL),W 4-3(Another late inning comeback)
    JUNE 20- KANSAS CITY,W 11-8(See above)
    JUNE 21- KANSAS CITY,W 5-1(Garland wins #12)
    JUNE 22- KANSAS CITY,W 5-1(Buehrle again!)
    JUNE 24- CHICAGO CUBS W 12-2(Turnin' up the heat!)
    JUNE 26- CHICAGO CUBS,L 2-0(Too much Prior)
    JUNE 28- @ Detroit,W 2-1
    JUNE 29- @ Detroit,W 4-3
    JUNE 30- @ Detroit,W 6-1
    JUNE RECORD;18-7
    OVERALL RECORD;53-24,1st Place,10 1/2 games ahead of Minnesota

    JULY 1- @ Oakland,L 6-2
    JULY 2- @ Oakland,W 5-3
    JULY 3- @ Oakland,L 7-2
    JULY 4- TAMPA BAY,W 10-8
    JULY 5- TAMPA BAY,W 6-4(Thomas hits 3-run bomb!)
    JULY 6- TAMPA BAY,W 7-2(Thomas does it again!)
    JULY 8- OAKLAND,L 4-2
    JULY 9- OAKLAND,L 10-1(Zito unhittable)
    JULY 10- OAKLAND,L 9-8,11 innings
    Record at the Break; 57-29,1st place,9 games ahead of Minnesota
    JULY 12- All-Star Game @ Detroit
    JULY 14- @ Cleveland,W 1-0
    JULY 15- @ Cleveland,W 7-1
    JULY 16- @ Cleveland,W 7-5(Near bullpen collapse)
    JULY 17- @ Cleveland,W 4-0(1st sweep at CLE since '63)
    JULY 18- DETROIT,W 7-5(Crede big blast in 7th!)
    JULY 19- DETROIT,L 7-1
    JULY 20- DETROIT,L 8-6
    JULY 21- BOSTON,L 6-5(Crede's error costly)
    JULY 22- BOSTON,W 8-4
    JULY 23- BOSTON,L 3-0
    JULY 24- BOSTON,W 6-4(Game time temp;101)
    JULY 25- @ Kansas City,W 14-6(22-hit attack)
    JULY 26- @ Kansas City,L 7-1
    JULY 27- @ Kansas City,L 6-5(13 inn.)
    JULY 29- @ Baltimore,W 7-2
    JULY 30- @ Baltimore,W 9-6
    JULY 31- @ Baltimore,W 9-4
    JULY RECORD;15-11
    OVERALL RECORD;68-35, 14 1/2 Ahead of Cleveland and Minnesota

    AUGUST 1- @ Baltimore,W 6-3(Lead now 15 games!)
    AUGUST 8- @ New York,L 3-2
    AUGUST 9- @ New York,W 2-1
    AUGUST 10- @ New York,W 3-2(10 inn.)
    AUGUST 12- @ Boston,L 9-8
    AUGUST 13- @ Boston,L 7-4
    AUGUST 14- @ Boston,Rained out
    AUGUST 16- MINNESOTA,L 9-4(16 inn.)
    AUGUST 19- NEW YORK,L 3-1
    AUGUST 20- NEW YORK,L 5-0(Longest losing streak of the season)
    AUGUST 21- NEW YORK,W 6-2(Sox torch Big Unit for 4 HRS in the 6th!)
    AUGUST 23- @ Minnesota,L 1-0(Garcia throws 1-hitter in loss)
    AUGUST 24- @ Minnesota,W 6-4
    AUGUST 25- @ Minnesota,W 2-1(10 inn.)
    AUGUST 26- @ Seattle,W 5-3(12 inn.)
    AUGUST 27- @ Seattle,W 4-3
    AUGUST 28- @ Seattle,L 9-2
    AUGUST 29- @ Texas,L 7-5
    AUGUST 30- @ Texas,L 8-6
    AUGUST 30- @ Texas,W 8-0(McCarthy's 1st ML win!)
    AUGUST 31- @ Texas,L 9-2
    OVERALL RECORD;80-51, 7 Games ahead of Cleveland

    SEPTEMBER [email protected] BostonW 5-3(McCarthy outpitches Schilling)
    SEPTEMBER 9- LOS ANGELES(AL),L 6-5(12 inn.)
    SEPTEMBER 13- @ Kansas City,W 6-4
    SEPTEMBER 14- @ Kansas City,L 10-9
    SEPTEMBER 15- @ Kansas City,L 7-5
    SEPTEMBER 16- @ Minnesota,W 2-1(10 inn.)
    SEPTEMBER 17- @ Minnesota,L 5-0(Too much Santana)
    SEPTEMBER 18- @ Minnesota,W 2-1(Contreras huge)
    SEPTEMBER 20- CLEVELAND,W 7-6(10 inn.)(Crede's Walk-off blast wins it!)
    SEPTEMBER 22- MINNESOTA,L 4-1(11 inn.)(Lead down to 1 1/2 games)
    SEPTEMBER 26- @ Detroit,L 4-3
    SEPTEMBER 27- @ Detroit,L 3-2
    SEPTEMBER 28- @ Detroit,6:05pm,CSNW 8-2
    SEPTEMBER 29- @ Detroit,W 4-2-SOX WIN AL CENTRAL!!!!
    SEPTEMBER 30- @ Cleveland,W 3-2(12 inn.)(Gload comes throgh in the 12th)
    OVERALL RECORD;97-63, 4 Games ahead of Cleveland

    OCTOBER 1- @ Cleveland,W 4-3
    OCTOBER 2- @ Cleveland,W 3-1(Indians eliminated from the post-season)

    OCTOBER 4- BOSTON,W 14-2(Sox hit ALDS record 5 HRs)
    OCTOBER 5- BOSTON,W 5-4(Sox score 5 in the 6th)
    OCTOBER 7- @ BostonW 5-3(El Duque's 6th inning escape job.The stuff of legend!)

    OCTOBER 11- LOS ANGELES L 3-2(Tough loss for Conteras)
    OCTOBER 12- LOS ANGELES W 2-1(Crede's double caps off wild 9th)
    OCTOBER 14- @ Los Angeles W 5-2(Garland spectacular on 12 days rest)
    OCTOBER 15- @ Los Angeles,W 8-2(Garcia throws complete game)
    OCTOBER 16- @ Los Angeles,W 6-3(WHITE SOX WIN THE PENNANT!!!)

    OCTOBER 22- HOUSTON,W 5-3(Contreras and Crede lead the way!)
    OCTOBER 25- @ Houston,W 7-5,14 innings(Geoff Blum,the unlikeliest of heroes!)
    OCTOBER 26- @ Houston,W 1-0(WORLD CHAMPIONS!!!)
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    Wow, that schedule gets awfully tough there in August. Hopefully they can have some momentum in their favor before that road trip to New York.


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      Yeah,the schedule makers didn't do us many favors for August,making the Sox play a 15 game stretch against the Yankees(6 games),Red Sox(3) and Twins(6). h


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        Promotions are now up,and are subject to change.


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          April 4,Opening Day- White Sox 1,Indians 0

          Mark Buehrle was dominant in his 2005 debut as he faced onlt 28 batters in 8 innings as the White Sox edged the visiting Cleveland Indians 1-0 before a sun-drenched sell-out crowd of 38,141 at US Cellular Field this afternoon.

          Buehrle(1-0) allowed only 2 hits,a walk and 5 strikeouts in 8 innings of work.Shingo Takatsu pitched a perfect 9th for his 1st save of the year.

          The lone run of the game came in the 7th when Paul Konerko led off with a double,went to 3rd on a sac fly by Jermaine Dye,then scored on when Aaron Rowand reached on an error by Indians SS Jhonny Peralta.

          Konerko had 2 of the 4 Sox hits in the game,with Dye and AJ Pierzynski each had a hit.

          Tribe pitcher Jake Westbrook(0-1) went the distance for Cleveland allowing the earned run on 4 hits,walking 1 and striking out 3.

          CLE 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0- 0 2 1
          SOX 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0- 1 4 0

          WP- Mark Buehrle(1-0)
          LP- Jake Westbrook(0-1)
          Save- Shingo Takatsu(1)

          T- 1:51
          Att.- 38,141(sellout)
          Game time weather; 64 degrees-sunny

          RANDOM STUFF: This was the first time the Sox have opened at home since 1990,and thier 1st season opener at US Cellular Field.

          Cleveland had only 1 runner in scoring position the entire game.That coming in the 7th inning when Coco Crisp went to 2nd on a walk to Travis Hafner.He was immediately erased on a double play,one of 2 the Sox turned today.

          The Indians only left 1 man stranded this afternoon.

          White Sox record;1-0. tied for 1st place with Detroit.
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            April 6- White Sox 4,Indians 3

            Juan Uribe's game-winning sac fly in the bottom of the 9th capped off a 4-run comeback as the White Sox stole a 4-3 decision over the Cleveland Indians this afternoon at US Cellular Field.

            With the Sox down 3-0 after 8 1/2 innings,Carl everett led off the 9th with a line single.The next batter Paul Konerko then blasted his 1st homer of the season,cutting the deficit to 3-2.On the very next pitch,Jermaine Dye tied the game with his first homer of the year.

            Aaaron roewand then laced a double over the head of CF Grady Sizemore.AJ Pierzynski was walked intentionally.Willie Harris,who was pinch-hitting for Joe Crede,laid down a perfect bunt which was bobbled by Wickman loading the bases for Uribe's heroics.

            It took Wickman all of 14 pitches to turn a 3-0 Indians lead into a 4-3 White Sox winner.

            Sox starter Freddy Garcia went 6 innings,allowing 2 runs on 5 hits,walking 3 and striking out 6 in 109 pitches for a no-decision.Damaso Marte(1-0) picked up the win.

            CLE 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 1- 3 8 1
            SOX 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4- 4 9 1

            WP- Damaso Marte(1-0)
            LP- Bob Wickman(0-1)

            HR; SOX- Konerko(1),Dye(1)

            T- 2:55
            Att- 10,520
            Game time weather- Partly cloudy,75 degrees

            THIS AND THAT; Scott Podsednik and Tadahito Iguchi each got thier 1st hits as White Sox players in the game.Both went 1-for-4 in the game.Paul Konerko went 2-for-4 in the game.

            After stranding 1 runner on Monday,the Tribe left 11 men stranded today.

            Luis Vizcaino made his Sox debut,allowing a run in the 9th inning.

            The Sox are 2-0 for the first time since 1999.

            White Sox record; 2-0,1st place,1/2 game ahead of Minnesota.


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              April 7- Indians 11,White Sox 6(11 innings)

              Shingo Takatsu gave up 3 solo homers in the 9th inning and the visitors from Cleveland erupted for 6 runs in the 11th inning to salvage the finale of a 3-game seires at US Cellular Field as the Indians defeated the White sox 11-5 Thursday afternoon.

              The Sox were up 6-3 in the 9th when Casey Blake,Coco Crisp,and Ronnie Belliard all went deep of Takatsu.

              Victor Martinez untied the game in the 11th with a 2-RBI single off losing pitcher Luis Vizcaino(0-1).They added 4 more after that to seal the win.

              White Sox starter Jose Contreras had an excelllent outing for the Sox,allowing a run on 4 hits,walking 2 and striking out 4 in 6 innings of work.He pitched out of a 2-out,2 on jam in the 6th inning.

              Offensively,the Sox were led by AJ Pierzynski with 2 hits,including his 1st homer of the year.Tadahito Iguchi got 3 hits,and Scott Podsednik chipped in with 2 hits.

              CLE 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 3 0 6- 11 14 1
              SOX 2 2 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0- 5 11 2

              WP- Arthur Rhodes(1-0)
              LP- Luis Vizcaino(0-1)

              HR- CLE;Blake(1),Crisp(1),Belliard(1)- SOX;Pierzynski(1)

              T- 3:56
              Att- 10,800
              Game time weather- Cloudy,46 degrees

              POST MORTEM;The Sox coming into this game were the last undefeated team in the American League.

              The Sox used 7 pitchers in the game.Jose Contreras(6 IP),Neal Cotts(1/3 IP),Cliff Politte(1/3 IP),Damaso Marte(1/3 IP),Dustin Hermansen(1 IP),Takatsu(2/3 IP),and Vizcaino(2 1/3 IP).

              White Sox record; 2-1,tied for 1st with Detrouit and Minnesota


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                If he does something like that again, then I say the ChiSox should release Takatsu ASAP. The White Sox had the game in the bag before he came in. Even if it's only game #3 you can't blow a save like that come game #162.

                Watching Tadahito ('Hito) Iguchi bat and field for my first look, I think he'll fit in with the club good. He got some hits in and it helped. Welcome to the squad 'Hito.

                Go White Sox! :gt
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                1) "plZ dOn;t' pOsT LikE tHIs n e mOr!"

                2) "The teams play 1962 games in 180 days."

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                4) "Once again you quibble, because it is I who speaks."

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                  There goes the perfect season!

                  Takatsu has been messing up ever since last year. Seems like the MLB hitters have figured him out.


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                    April 8- White Sox 5,Twins 1

                    Orlando "El Duque' Hernandez was impressive in his White Sox debut at a sold out Metrodome as the White Sox spoiled the home opener for the Minnesota Twins with a 5-1 win.

                    El Duque went 7 innings,allowing a run on 6 hits,striking out 5 batters in the game.Dustin Hermansen pitched the final 2 innings for the Sox.

                    The Sox got on the board in the 1st inning when Carl Everett doubled home Willie Harris for a 1-0 lead.

                    The Twins tied it in the 3rd on Jason Bartlett's RBI double.

                    But the Sox went ahead for good in the 6th when Paul Konerko hit an absolute bomb off Twins starter Kyle Loshe(0-1).After Jermaine Dye singled,Aaron Rowand went deep to make it a 4-1 game.

                    They added 1 more in the 7th on Everett's 2nd RBI double of the game to make it a 5-1 game.

                    SOX 1 0 0 0 0 3 1 0 0- 5 11 0
                    MIN 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0- 1 8 1

                    WP- Orlando Hernandez(1-0)
                    LP- Kyle Loshe(0-1)

                    HR;SOX- Konerko(2),Rowand(1)

                    T- 2:46
                    Att- 48,764(sell out)
                    Game time weather- Indoors,70 degrees

                    THIS AND THAT; AJ Pierzynski was 1-4 in his return to minnesota tonight.He recieved a warm ovation from the Minnesota faithful.

                    Prior to the game,the Twins honored their late PA announcer Bob Casey.They put a tribute to Casey just off of the wall behind home plate,where he did his announcing.

                    Scott Podsednik was 2 for 3 in stolen base attempts tonight.

                    Prior to tonight's game,Paul Konerko was 3-for-38 lifetime against Kyle Loshe.

                    Carl Everett was 3-5 tonight with 2 doubles.Every regular in the lineup git a hit except for Juan uribe and Joe Crede.

                    White Sox record; 3-1,1st place,1 game up in the AL Central
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                      The White Sox have the best record in the AL right now.
                      2016 World Series Champions


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                        Looking good after 1 turn in the rotation.

                        Awesome avatar Hank.


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                          April 9- White Sox 8,Twins 5

                          Jon Garland battled th flu tonight and the offense reverted back to the long ball as the White sox took thier 2nd straight game at the Metrodome with an 8-5 win over the Minnesota Twins on Saturday night.

                          Garland,who was basically a game time decision because of his flu,went 6 innings,allowing 3 runs on 10 hits,and striking out 1.His only mistake was a 3-run home run by Twins LF Shannon Stewart in the 5th inning to tie the game at 3.

                          The Sox got started in the 1st inning when Carl Everett cranked out a 2-run homer off losing pitcher Brad Radke(0-2).Everett also brought home Scott Podsednik in the 2nd to make it 3-0.

                          After Stewart's game tying blast,the Sox regained the lead for good when timo Perez,making his 1st start of the new season,launched a 407-foot solo bomb into the right field upper deck for a 4-3 lead.

                          Later in the inning,Juan Uribe singles home Aaron Rowand.Podsednik hits a grounder,forcing Juan Uribe at 2nd,scoring Joe Crede.He would later score on a passed ball to make it a 7-3 lead.

                          Paul Konerko added a solo shot,his 3rd homer of the year in the 8th.

                          The Twins would add single tallies in the 8th and 9th.

                          SOX 2 1 0 0 0 0 4 1 0- 8 8 0
                          MIN 0 0 0 0 3 0 0 1 1- 5 14 2

                          WP- Jon Garland(1-0)
                          LP- Brad Radke(0-2)
                          Save- Shingo Takatsu(2)


                          T- 2:37
                          Att- 41,533
                          Game time weather-Indoors,70 degrees

                          CLEANUP WORK; Mark Buehrle would have been the emergency starter had Garland not gone tonight.Buehrle has had his 4 days rest.

                          The White Sox have won 8 of the lat 12 games at the Metrodome.

                          Shingo Takatsu pitched to 1 batter in the 9th inning after Cliff Politte gave up an RBI single to Joe Mauer.Shingo struck out Matthew LeCroy to end the game.

                          Garland threw 84 pitches in his 6 innings,60 of those were for strikes.

                          Every starter in the lineup got 1 hit,except AJ Perzynski,who went 0-4

                          White Sox record; 4-1,1st place,1 game ahead of Detroit.


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                            April 10- Twins 5,White Sox 2

                            In a battle of aces at the Metrodome Sunday night.Defending Cy Young winner Johan Santana outdueled Mark Buehrle as the Minnesota Twins salvaged a 5-2 win in front of a national TV audience on Sunday night.

                            The Sox got on the board in the 1st on Carl Everett's sac fly,scoring Pablo Ozuna to make it 1-0.They added another in the 3rd when Tadahito Iguchi's sac fly scored Juan Uribe.

                            But in the Minnesota 3rd,Buehrle ran into trouble.After Luis Rivas and Juan Castro singled with 1 out,Joe Mauer struck out,and with 2 out,Matthew LeCroy hit a seemingly harmless grounder between short and 3rd.But Joe Crede slipped and kicked the ball into left field,scoring Rivas.

                            The next batter,White Sox nemesis Torii Hunter deposited a 3-1 pitch into the left field seats for a 3-run homer making it a 4-2 Twins lead.

                            Hunter would add another RBI in the 5th on a ground ball to short,forcing the runner at second.

                            Buehrle(1-1) went 7 innings,allowing all 5 earned runs on 7 hits,walking 3 and striking out 2.Santana(2-0) went 7 innings,allowing 2 runs on 5 hits,walking 1 and striking out 11.Joe Nathan picked up the save for the Twins

                            SOX 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0- 2 8 2
                            MIN 0 0 4 0 1 0 0 0 x- 5 7 0

                            WP- Johan Santana(2-0)
                            LP- Mark Buehrle(1-1)
                            Save- Joe Nathan(1)

                            HR; MIN;Hunter(2)

                            T- 2:29
                            Att- 28,089
                            Game time weather- Indoors,70 degrees

                            STUFF; Pablo Ozuna made his first start of the seaon for the Sox.He filled in for Scott Podsednik at left field.He was 1-4 with a run scored.

                            Iguchi and Everett each had 2 hits for the Sox.

                            Joe Crede continues to struggle at the plate,going 0-4 in the game,dropping his BA to .143 for the young season.

                            Torii Hunter stole 2 bases in the 8th inning off Cliff Politte.

                            White Sox record; 4-2,1st place,1 game ahead of the rest of the division
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                              April 11- White Sox 2,Indians 1

                              Freddy Garcia was stellar in his outing this afternoon as he went 8 innings and retiring the last 14 men he faced as the White Sox spoiled Cleveland's Home Opener with a 2-1 win Monday afternoon.

                              Garcia(2-0) only allowed 4 hits in his 8 innings of work,while striking out 4.

                              Travis Hafner's 2-out RBI single in the 4th scoring Coco Crisp was the last hit the Tribe would get.

                              The Sox got thier first run in the 6th,when after Scott Podsednik led off the inning with a bunt single,and stealing second,he scored 1 out later on a single by Carl Everett to tie the game at 1.

                              Podsednik was in the middle when the Sox scored the go-ahead run in the 7th.After catcher Chris Widger's 2-out single,Joe Crede followed with a single,sending Widger to 3rd,Podsednik then singled home Widger for a 2-1 Sox lead.

                              Damaso Marte worked 2/3 of an inning allowing a walk before Shingo Takatsu came in to strike out Aaron Boone to end it.

                              SOX 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0- 2 6 1
                              CLE 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0- 1 4 1

                              WP- Freddy Garcia(1-0)
                              LP- Kevin Millwood(0-1)
                              Save- Shgingo Takatsu(2)

                              T- 2:39
                              Att- 42,461
                              Game time weather- Sunny,48 degrees

                              NOTES; Joe Crede went 2-3 in the game today to raise his average to .208

                              Scott Podsednik stole his 4th base of the season today.He also threw out Ronnie Belliard at 3rd base.

                              Garcia threw 109 pitches in 8 innings,with 63 of those being strikes.

                              White Sox record; 5-2,1st place,1 1/2 ahead of Detroit and Minnesota


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