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  • RIP John Adams

    I don't follow Cleveland enough to have known this fella, but I respect all loyal diehards. Any insights by fans who knew him are naturally welcome.

    John Adams, who pounded a drum while sitting in Cleveland's outfield bleachers during baseball games for five decades, has died. He was 71.
    Put it in the books.

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    I sat with John for every game at the old Municipal Stadium from the late 80’s until they moved to the new Jacobs Field. I actually got a job ushering at games and always worked in the bleachers to be close to John. If you’ve seen the movie Major League I’m parodied as the guy that says “to high” on a home run given up by an Indians pitcher. Damn, we had a lot of fun at the ballpark.

    Here we are at the old stadium…

    Outside of the ballpark John was a pretty darn good musician. He had collection of several different instruments. John also started and was at one time president of the Cleveland Blues Society.

    Here's one interesting story... One time at the old stadium George Thorogood and his band came out to the bleachers to hang out with us. The next day the Destroyers drummer came back with his bass drum to beat with John. George and John remained friends ever since.

    I’m gunna miss you John, thanks for all the laughs and good times.​


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      I used to sit in the bleachers at the old Municipal Stadium and heard Mr. Adams all the time. I knew a guy who was a personal friend of John Adams and one day at the Stadium I saw him sitting near Mr. Adams and we sat and chatted for a few minutes about 6 feet away from him. I never met him but saw him out there all the time. RIP to John Adams. Another person from my youth gone, sadly... Good times back then. lots of them....


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        Hilda Chester (Brooklyn Dodgers), The Sym-Phonies, Karl Ehrhardt (sign carrier at Shea Stadium), Andy the Clown (Chi Sox), Carol Wegner (Minnesota Twins) and so many others add so much color and interest to MLB. Over my many years (am now in my 70s) it has been great fun to watch them as well as the on filed action. Sad to have lost Mr Adams but what a great thrill it was to have him around all these years.


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          His playing seem appropriate enough at the Stadium, but not really at Jacobs Field.


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