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    Why is it that the Indians are so intent on making him a starter? He has not proven himself as a very capable major leaguer in his career. The year he hit 29 homers he hit a measly 65 rbi's with a 121 strikeouts. How did this bum beat Kenny Lofton for the spot in left? In my opinion, Kenny should have stayed and Dellucci should have been sent packing. However, now that Kenny is not there ... Jason Michaels should start.

    What is Wedge thinking?

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    It's quite logical. Dellucci will not be starting, he'll be forming a platoon with Michaels. When healthy, both Dellucci and Michaels have great platoon splits.

    You say Dellucci should have been sent packing. How? Trade? Release? The Indians would have to eat his contract. What team is looking for a LH LF platoon bat?
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      Keep in mind Lofton still isn't signed. No way did Lofton beat Dellucci out for the spot in left - there was no word that the Indians even wanted Lofton back, or that Lofton wanted to come back. So saying that Dellucci beat out Lofton is just flat out wrong.


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