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  • CC-STAY chant opening day

    I have posted topics about this on several cleveland indians fan forums over the past two days. I feel that as fans of the Indians we know that we need CC to stay in cleveland for us to be serious contenders over the next 5 years.

    I think that as fans we can possibly have a say in his decision to either stay in cleveland or leave. He has made it known that he wants to stay which is why I think we should show him that we want him to stay. We need to thrust our support behind him and put it in his head how great the fans of cleveland are and that they will support him and the team. I think that there is no better way to do this than to start a chant on opening day


    Not only would 40000 people chanting for CC to stay be heard and remembered by him but also by managment and dolan. They would see just how important it is to their fan base that they keep CC. Some of you think we dont have a shot at keeping him, but he isnt gone till he signs elsewhere and why not do everything we can to keep him here, and as fans that means cheering for him and what better way to do that than telling him to stay in the number of 40000 people at opening day

    Those of you that are brave and going to opening day, I ask you to please start this chant

    Us fans going to opening day have a lot of power because we have the numbers. Lets rock "the Jake" and at the same time show CC where he belongs

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    I wouldn't bet the house on Sabathia staying. I expect this to be his last year as a member of the Indians.


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