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  • Cleveland Ballpark Trip

    Hi all. I'm going to be doing a mini baseball trip and Cleveland is on my itinerary. I was wondering you guys could give me an tips about seating, in park food/deals, parking, etc? Some ballpark websites have this info but its typically written by a guy that visited the park once. I'd rather get the "inside scoop" from the real fans.

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    In the centerfield picnic area there is all the exotic restaurants (by exotic I mean anything outside the traditional ball park food of burgers, hotdogs, and fried foods). The batters eye bar is there as well it has a bunch of different beers. You must try Pierre's ice cream while you are here. They have different ice cream stands and most of them are Stickland's, but insist on finding the Pierre's. If you are on the ground level go past the team shop towards home plate and it will be tucked away on your left side. Order the triple chocolate waffle cone, you will thank me.

    Unless its a big game (Yankees, Red Sox, Tigers) where the place will have a lot of out of town fans you can usually get below face value seats from scalpers on the street and those are usually better seats since they are ones held by season ticketholders who couldn't go that day. Anything in the lower level or club level is a great seat


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