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Tape of the August 5, 2001 comeback?

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  • Tape of the August 5, 2001 comeback?

    Does anyone have a tape of the August 5th, 2001 comeback win against the Mariners they could make a copy of and send to me. I will gladly pay for time, supplies, and shipping. Send me an e-mail at [email protected]


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    I wouldn't mind a copy of that tape either. I was at the game. Talk about unbelievable. Even though my car got broke into that night it couldn't ruin the feeling. That was the last Indians game I was at where I truly enjoyed myself.


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      Mariners Indians comeback

      Even though I'm not a Mariners or Indians fan, I must say that was an amazing game. It was showed on ESPN Classic about 3 times. They were down 12-1 and came back over a period of 4 innings. The only thing that I can really recall is that Lofton scored the winning run. Could you please varify my recollection (also, I'd like to know who got the winning and tying hits).


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        I watched the game (as a Mariners fan), and I remember that Lofton scored the winning run on a bases-loaded broken bat single through the left side of the infield. The hit was by... Jolbert Cabrera, I think. I'm not completely sure.

        Yeah, that game was unbelievable. The Mariners led 12-0 after three innings and 14-2 after five, but the Indians scored 3 runs in the seventh inning, 4 in the eighth, 5 in the ninth, and the nail in the coffin came in the bottom of the 11th via the afore-mentioned single.
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        Excerpt from "Guillen to Boone to Olerud" by John P. Todd (2001)


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            The Impossible Return

            I hope this works:



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              hey I was wondering if someone has this...with the tough times so far this year, I would love to see this game

              The link above doesn't work anymore, so I was wondering if anyone could provide an updated link

              any info is appreciated! Thanks
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                That was our 117th...

                The Mariners and the Indians have a lot of moments together. There was that comeback, there was the time Vizquel got into an argument with Rhodes about his earring being too shiney, I remember a couple of times these past few years where we were on slight winning streaks and we got completly routed by the Tribe, including one time at Safeco's "Girls Night Out" when I am not sure the exact total, but the Indians hit about 7 home runs that night.
                Now there is the Choo trade. Kind of an interesting relationship.
                go M's/BSox :gt

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                  Just listening to that, gave me goosebumps. Geez, what a great game!
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