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    let's see your tribe all-time lineup! in batting order!
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    Originally posted by neeneecuss View Post
    let's see your tribe all-time lineup! in batting order!
    We are to only consider their career playing FOR Cleveland, correct?
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      I am already stuck on a second baseman
      Gordon-He had decent years in Cleveland, too

      You are rich in that position

      Welcome back ARod. Hope you are a Yankee forever.
      Phil Rizzuto-a Yankee forever.

      Holy Cow


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        My all-time line up for cleveland indians

        kenny lofton--lf
        nap lajoie--2b
        joe jackson--rf
        albert belle--dh
        tris speaker--cf
        hal trosky--1b
        al rosen--3b
        lou boudrreau--ss
        victor martinez--c
        bob feller--sp

        rest of staff-- addie joss--early wynn---bob lemon---mel harder
        closer--jose mesa
        manager--mike hargrove
        best team--tough call but i think the 1995 team was the best - 1954 would be my other choice
        Last edited by chicagowhitesox1173; 08-16-2010, 02:00 PM. Reason: i forgot about lou boudrreau
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