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  • Cc

    Which is worse: CC straining and abdominal muscle, or Barry Bonds with a headache?

    Every season, I am glad I don't have him on my fantasy team. Oh, he may win 15 games this year - I hope he does. But he's a fat tub of goo.

    I would love to see him as a power forward for the Cavs.

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    I'll take that tub of goo any day. It's incredibly annoying to see him pulled like he was, but a healthy C.C. for 20 starts is better than a healthy C.C. for five and then on the DL for the rest of the year.
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      C.C. Sabathia is going to miss 3 to 5 weeks. I just checked on to verify, and it's true. Lovely. Now the Indians need Paul Byrd and the others to lead a pack without their star player.

      I'd rather see C.C. pitch when he's healthy and back to normal than him missing the entire season.


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        They'll be fine. I'm a bit annoyed with the injury too, but what can you do. He'll still get his 200 IP in, and win 15 games. I just hope Pronk can keep hitting .800 or whatever the hell crazy number he's putting up right now.
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