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Bluebirds, Bronchos, and Naps: Cleveland Baseball 1901-1914 Photo Thread

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  • Bluebirds, Bronchos, and Naps: Cleveland Baseball 1901-1914 Photo Thread

    In 1900, the American League (still operating as a minor league) had a team in Cleveland known as the Lake Shores. In 1901 the AL declared major league status and signed a large number of major league players for more money than the NL owners had been paying them. Although some AL teams chose names abandoned by other major league teams in their respective cities (such as the Chicago White Stockings, Philadelphia Athletics, and [in 1902] the St. Louis Browns), the Cleveland team did not want to associate themselves with the disastrous 1899 Cleveland Spiders, so the new team became known as the Bluebirds or Blues. In 1902 the players began to call themselves the "Bronchos" (spelled with an "H"). On May 31st of that year, the team signed Nap Lajoie to a contract after a court in Pennsylvania ruled that the only team in the state that he could play for was the Phillies (he had been a Phillie in 1900, and then signed with the Athletics in 1901). By 1903 the Cleveland team was known as the Naps, a name that they would keep until Lajoie was traded back to the Athletics after the season of 1914. The team was also sometimes called the Molly McGuires in honor of striking coal miners 1912-14. After Lajoie's departure, the team owner asked newspaper reporters for suggestions for a new name, and they became known as the Indians thereafter.

    (A few of the team photos have previously been posted elsewhere in Baseball Fever.)

    To see photos from the 19th Century Spiders who played in the American Association and National League, go to this thread:
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    1901 Cleveland Bluebirds or Blues, 54-82, 7th place, 29 GB

    I haven't yet found a group photo or composite photo of this team.


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      1902 Cleveland Bronchos, 69-67, 5th place, 36.5 GB

      1902 AL Cleveland.jpg

      The team wore dark blue road uniforms 1902-1904.

      Home uniforms are below:

      1902 AL Cleveland home.jpg
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        1902 Cleveland Bronchos composite photo by Carl Horner

        1902 AL Cleveland Horner.jpg


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          1903 Cleveland Naps, 77-63, 3rd place, 15 GB

          1903 AL Cleveland.jpg
          Home uniforms

          1903 AL Cleve away.jpg
          Road uniforms

          1903 or 1904 AL Cleveland.jpg
          When I first posted the image above, I wrote that it may be from 1904. I am now (2017) convinced that this is the 1903 team, with Gochnaur sitting at the far left. (He was not on the 1904 team.)
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            ---------------------1903 Pitchers Alex Pearson (left) and Earl Moore (right)---------------------

            1903 Alex Pearson.jpg1903 Earl Moore.jpg


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              1903 Catchers Harry Bemis (left) and Fred Abbott (right)

              1903 Harry Bemis and unknown catcher.jpg


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                ------------------------------1903 1B Charlie Hickman (left) and 2B Nap Lajoie (right)---------------------------

                1903 Charlie Hickman.jpg1903 Nap Lajoie.jpg


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                  -------------------------1903 SS Johnny Gochnaur (left) and 3B Bill Bradley (right)--------------------------------

                  1903 Johnny Gochnauer.jpg1903 Bill Bradley.jpg
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                    ------------------------------1903 Outfielders: LF Jack McCarthy (left) and CF Harry Bay(right)-------------------------

                    1903 Jack McCarthy.jpg1903 Harry Bay.jpg

                    ----------------------RF Elmer Flick---------------------------

                    1903 Elmer Flick.jpg
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                      1904 Cleveland Naps, 86-65, 4th place, 7.5 GB

                      1904 AL Cleveland.jpg

                      1904 Naps-----------------P Otto Hess----------------------
                      1904 Otto Hess.jpg

                      ---------------------1B George Stovall---------------------------

                      1904 George Stovall.jpg
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                        1904 Cleveland Naps Sporting Life composite

                        1904 AL Cleveland Sporting Life.jpg


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                          1905 Cleveland Naps, 76-78, 5th place, 19 GB

                          1905 AL Cleveland team.jpg

                          1905 AL Cleveland.jpg
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                            1905 Cleveland Naps W600 (Sporting Life composite) and Nap Lajoie with bat

                            1905 AL Cleveland W600.jpg1905 Nap Lajoie 2.jpg
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                              1905 Cleveland Naps schedule

                              1905 AL Cleveland.jpg
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