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Bluebirds, Bronchos, and Naps: Cleveland Baseball 1901-1914 Photo Thread

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  • Cleveland's Baseball Team for 1905
    Composite schedule issued by the Cleveland Leader, currently available at Hunt Auctions.

    Top Row (L-R): Addie Joss (P), Otto Hess (P), Bob Rhoads (P), Bill Bernhard (P).
    Second Row (L-R): Red Donahue (P), Harry Bay (CF), Bill Bradley (3B), Earl Moore (P).
    Third Row (L-R): Billy Lush (DNP*), Nap Lajoie (2B/Mgr.), Elmer Flick (RF).
    Fourth Row (L-R): Harry Bemis (C), George Stovall (1B), Fritz Buelow (C), Charlie Carr (1B), Rube Vinson (LF/CF).
    Bottom Row (L-R): Nick Kahl (2B), Jay Clarke (C), Charles Jackson (DNP**), Terry Turner (SS), Jim Jackson (LF).
    *Billy Lush, who had been the left fielder for Cleveland in 1904, did not play for the team in 1905. He instead played for Plattsburgh in the Northern New York League.
    **Charles Jackson, a pitcher, also did not play for Cleveland in 1905, and was a career minor leaguer.

    1905 AL Cleveland with white uniforms.jpg


    • 1904 Cleveland Naps
      This composite is from the Cleveland Morning Leader and is currently available at Hunt Auctions.
      1904 AL Cleveland Morning Leader composite.jpg
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      • 1909 OF Walt Doan and Pitchers Harry Ables, Harry Otis, and Jerry Upp
        1909 Upp Otis Abels Doan.jpg

        1909 Manager Deacon McGuire discusses with his players what to do when a ball hits the ground
        1909 McGuire and players.jpg

        1909 Pitcher Harry Ables
        1909 Ables.jpg

        These photos are currently available at Hunt Auctions.
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        • 1910 Nap Lajoie and a Cleveland catcher (possibly Harry Bemis)
          1910 Lajoie and catcher.jpg

          This photo is currently available at Hunt Auctions.


          • 1909 Portrait of 2B Nap Lajoie
            Lajoie portrait.jpg

            This photo is currently available at Hunt Auctions.


            • 1909 Left Fielder/Pitcher Walt Doan

              1909 Walt Doan.jpg

              1909 Walt Doan 2.jpg


              • 1909 3B Bill Bradley (left) and CF Joe Birmingham (right)
                These Charles Conlon photos, taken at Hilltop Park in New York, were posted at by Jobu.

                1909 Bill Bradley Conlon.jpg 1909 Joe Birmingham Conlon.jpg


                • 1911 SS Ivy Olson
                  This photo is currently available at RMY Auctions.

                  1911 SS Ivy Olson RYM Auctions.jpg


                  • 1911 Pitcher Pat Paige

                    Paige appeared in just two major league games, both with the Naps in 1911, one as a complete-game starter on May 20th versus Washington and one as a relief pitcher on June 1st against Philadelphia. His ML record is a perfect 1-0, despite allowing twelve runs (eight earned) in sixteen innings. This image is from the Cleveland Plain Dealer and was posted on another forum by Cusick.

                    1911 Pat Paige P.jpg


                    • 1905 2B Eddie Grant

                      Grant's first two major league games were with Cleveland as a replacement for Nap Lajoie while he was disabled.

                      1905 Eddie Grant Boston Globe.jpg


                      • 1905 Pitcher Addie Joss
                        Image is from the Boston Globe

                        AL Cle Joss Boston Globe.jpg


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