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I've come up with a solution to the name/logo controversy

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    It's OK. I think if it wasn't for the fact that I think of the comic book character when I see a spider on a shirt I'd be better about it.


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      FYI...the man that originally drew the 40's era Chief Wahoo passed away. Walter Goldbach was 88.
      MEDINA, Ohio-- The man who created the original Chief Wahoo character for the Cleveland Indians passed away on Wednesday at Medina County hospice after a short illness. Walter Goldbach was 88 years old. Goldbach, a longtime resident of Hinkley, leaves behind five children.


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        "I think if they ever dump Chief Wahoo (Which I fervently hope does not ever happen!) then they ought to go all the way and change the name as well."

        That is what I felt too. They should change it back to the Blues, the name when they were a charter member of the American league.


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          Originally posted by Calif_Eagle View Post
          I think if they ever dump Chief Wahoo (Which I fervently hope does not ever happen!) then they ought to go all the way and change the name as well. If they refuse to use any Indian imagery at all, their "Block C" merchandise is going to rot on the shelves. The only letter that sells is the Flying "A" gasoline signs of petroliana fame (as seen on the American Pickers TV show.)

          I have only a few Indian items currently but everything I selected had the Chief on it. Although some "Block C" stuff was available, I chose none of it. Now that's just me, but I think they would sell a lot more stuff in the future if it actually carried a cool logo on it.

          Everything I ever owned Indians related in the past, even going back to when I was a kid had the Chief on it as well.

          I just think money talks and if they can't (won't) use Chief Wahoo, they are going to eventually change the name to something (Cleveland Cannons!!!) that allows them to design and use a logo on their T-shirts and other souvenirs and memorabilia.

          Having said that, I sure hope they don't cave in to the pressure. The Commissioner is worse than Selig ever was with his ideas about automatic walks and starting extra inning games with men on base. I'd like to see him canned for those reasons alone, Chief Wahoo is just icing on the cake. The game is fine to me except for the DH (either use it across the whole of MLB or preferably, get rid of it.) and the way batters step in and out of the box. Once in, make them stay in.
          Yes I think they should go back to the Blues.


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            I'm fine with 'Blues' and the block "C" logo but my guess is that they'll keep 'Indians' and come up with some slick/arty/corporate looking and ultimately 'blah' logo to accompany the name, if they do anything at all. The block 'C' has lots of history but most of the public doesn't know that and the marketing and brand people with the team ignores most everything pre mid-90's. Since they have flames after wins and homers and lots of top 40/hip hop music they want something young and 'cool'. It's like they mimic the NBA, which is a shame.


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              Originally posted by PF#9 View Post
              For many years the Indians name and logo has been an issue.

              Well I've come up with a creative solution.

              The first part would be to acquire the rights to the name Barons, which has a history in Cleveland - it was used for several hockey teams in the past (several AHL teams and one NHL team). Yes it's also the name of the White Sox' AA club, but the name has a rich history in Cleveland too and that is what counts.

              The second part would come in the altering the team colors - the current colors are joined by orange from the Browns and gold from the Cavs, with the shade of red used altered to wine (also used by the Cavs).

              This new branding would honor Cleveland's entire sports history.
              Alright it's been a while, but I'd also like the brown color from the NFL team to be part of the renamed MLB team's colors too.

              And there is precedent. The NBA team in New Orleans adopted Pelicans, previously used by baseball teams in the city, in 2013. So recycling a nickname from another sport is nothing new in sports.
              The playoffs should expand eventually, but only if MLB itself expands.

              See my blog for more info.


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                I want them to keep the Indians name. But the current block C logo sucks. Go back to the "caveman C" of the 1970s (while keeping the current jerseys that harken back to the '90s) or come up with something totally new, maybe with a silhouette of downtown, the lake, something.


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