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  • Down on the farm ...

    Being a Tiger (and Lion) fan, I'm sure alot of have grown accustomed to looking toward the future. So this maybe interesting ...

    From the Tiger page at :

    "Detroit may have had the best year of any organization in terms of the success of its affiliates and the progress of its recent top draft picks. The Tigers' Minor League teams combined for the highest winning percentage (.555) of any organization in 2005. Triple-A Toledo won its first International League title in 38 years and had the second-highest winning percentage (.618) of any full-season team in the Minors, trailing only the Tigers' Advanced A squad, Lakeland, which went 85-48 (.639) in the Florida State League. Oneonta, meanwhile, posted the third-highest winning percentage (.640) of any team above Rookie level. "


    It's a solid article that, as you can see, praises our farm club & goes into some depth concerning alot of the fellas.
    Originally posted by George & Al
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    THE ROOKIES have potential..

    Olde English 'D' was pretty well right on his take on the upcoming
    harvest of the farm system..which is starting to show signs of
    coming back..after being D.O.A. after so many years of hapless
    drafting and signings..Great clubs usually have very good help within
    their farm axis..i.e. Cleveland and Atlanta..etc....SO hopefully,
    Detroit's on the way back....but to label one a 'LIONS', that's
    paying some dues..what was the last championship...1957 ? jeez
    o' pets, that 48 seasons ago....whoa, nellie ! and the direction
    of the club, doesn't seem to suggest a 'change' and a return to the
    glory years...the Lions are considered soooo bad down here..that
    the locals refer to them as the ' LOINS '....eek!


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      OED took the words right out of my mouth, or shall I say the keys off my keyboard.

      I have been preaching and getting on my soap box since 2004, saying that on paper we should be a good club and the farm is good, or shall I say great; however, for some unknown reason, our ability to execute on the field has been lackluster, a fact that I am sure we are all painfully aware of.

      Everything changes, sometimes for the better, and sometimes for the worse, but nothing is ever static. I guess you could call this article and post, which originally occured on 10-21-05, a simple foreshadowing of things to come.

      Who knows what we will be saying on 10-21-06, but the future looks so bright; we may want to wear shades.
      Still a long suffering TIGERS fan


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