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Grading the off-season (so far)

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  • Grading the off-season (so far)

    How would you grade the Detroit Tigers' off-season activities so far?

    I'd give 'em a B+. If they can lock up Pudge, they get an A+ from me.

    Do this again next season, and we could be playoff bound before long. Long live Dave Dombrowski!!

    The poll is expired.

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    racosun, you are I agree with you totally
    GO TIGERS!!!!


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      Re: Grading the off-season (so far)

      Originally posted by racosun
      I'd give 'em a B+. If they can lock up Pudge, they get an A+ from me.
      I'd give 'em a solid B, because I'm not so sold on Vina. But you're right, Racosun...if they get Pudge for two-three years, we are well on the way!
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        Overall Grade: C+

        Filled the wantlist: A.

        Actually spent some money: A.

        Overspend to get the guys they wanted: F, always second-third-fourth choices, are you telling me Levine, Defelice & Johnson were at the top of their lists?

        Spend ALL the money available: D, incomplete as yet I guess. They've spent wisely but was it their choice or the circumstances presented? They have led us to believe, almost promised, they were willing to spend a higher amount.

        Upgraded the team to the expectations they presented to the media: B.

        That adds up to, what a 2.40 grade, C+.

        Much better effort than in recent years!


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          2006-2007 Off season

          Same question but three years later.
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            Grading the off season moves

            B + ...they more or less some needs..and the FA cupboard, wasn't the
            greatest in memory..and we didn't spend a wheel barrel full of cash
            to fill those needs...unlike several teams..look at the cubs, all that
            money spent...and if they don't deliver a series appearance in 07,
            it'll be moan and groan city...The angels deal with Matthews, for
            that contract, is real dicey...lucky for us, we didn't need too many
            final pieces, to complete the ?


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              I'd Give Them A B+ Also

              I'd give them a B+ also, for this reason. I think they need to sign Pudge for three years, or at least untill he retires as a Tiger. Then focus on a leftfielder untin Mabin is ready to come up. I think Monroe had a career season, I really don't think you'll see those numbers from him again. I'd go out and get a leftfielder, a lefty if we could find one for a season or two. Then when Mabin is ready, move Granderson to left and give center to Mabin.

              Just my thoughts. What do you Guy's think?? Thanks, Rick

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                Originally posted by HDH
                Same question but three years later.
                I re-set the poll, since it was a bit dated. My playoff-prediction was nice, though.
                "Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night." - Edgar Allan Poe


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                  You should of added in the +/- options....I mean heck a WS appearence with most of the roster returning, does deserve more detail, no?

                  That said, I gave them a B, but would prefer to have given them a B+. I would of really liked to see the Tigers resign Jamie Walker. In Dave and Jim I trust though, and if they say Rodney is good against lefties, I will take their word for it. I think the Sheffield signing will be a good one for the team. Jose Mesa is um well....a vet. Who we would hope at least can field and throw correctly in a HUGE game?

                  Would of liked to see a Craig Monroe upgrade, or at least a D OFer in that forth slot to spell either Monroe or Ordonez late in games. Rooting for the in system solution of Maybin at least breaking the opening day roster. If not that perhaps Cleven? But I worry about his bat....he is a streaky hitter that can look good for weeks at a time. He needed a streak to pull his minor league avg UP TO .220 and that streak kept on rolling in his MLB debut. I don't know if we can expect him to carry his .300 avg for long. Although, Cleven would fill in that D nicely, I wonder what happens with Thames (the Tigers can't force him back to the Hens any longer)? I would hope that Tigers could move him to a place where he could play day in and day is just he is almost stuck being a DH, not likely to get much better in the OF at this stage of his career. And how many teams are out there looking for a barely tested 30 yr old DH?


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                    Wow, when i voted, i didn't realize this thread was started like three years ago.

                    I think DD did a good job filling the holes for this season. I think Sheffield was a great addition for what we gave up. If he does what is expected, the Tigers may have the most feared lineup in the league. Pretty much the only thing they were lacking last season was that big HR guy int he middle of the lineup who pitchers wanted to pitch around. Maybe Sheffield will provide that.

                    I like Mesa and think he is another good addition. The guy can still pitch. He can even occasionally still close although he shouldn't need to do that here.

                    Some people are disapointed that the Tigers resigned Casey and didn't go after someone like Texeria but i am not. Casey has almost no power but he is a great clubhouse guy and chemistry is importaint. He is also a good hitter. I am hoping Chris Shelton will rebound next year though.


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                      Grading the off-season

                      :o :o
                      Brand new here, first post. I'd give the Tigers and A- which is about the same as a B+ but a tad better maybe. They made their choice quickly and decisively. They may have a few more tweaks here and there as far as pitching but overall I think they have a good team.


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                        I gave 'em an A.

                        Why ?

                        Frankly, there is not as much to do as in seasons past. They are the returning A.L. Champions.

                        So, what should of been their goal ? To keep everyone intact, and maybe make some tweaks here and there.

                        What did they do ? They kept the whole team intact (minus 1 situational relief pitcher); and added an MVP Caliber bat ! Plus the biggest move to me was the Bondo deal. I think that says alot to JB, the team, and other players about the direction of this teams future - and how people will be treated here.

                        As far as Shef. That's huge. The Yankees are the team that comes off an AL championship - wanting more - and acquiring MVP types.

                        Great off season !

                        I'm really not sure what else anyone could want, and I don't understand the "B's".

                        In short, the Tigers, yes our Tigers - kept a championship team together and added a MONSTER bat.
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                          As a Twins fan, I hate to admit it, but I give them a "B". I think the signing of Sheffield is HUGE.


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                            Solid B. IMO, retaining Sean Casey was a good idea, but I'm still stunned that we went out of our way to get Gary Sheffield. Even if he wasn't roiding, he'd still be whining. Then again, getting a taker for Humberto "Injuries" Sanchez was a good idea (but did we have to throw in Kevin Whelan?). I just feel that some other guy (i.e. Cliff Floyd or Ray Durham) would have been cheaper, better, and less of an attitude problem for a DH. I also feel that something needs to be done about getting a Minor League catching prospect...Pudge is a great ballplayer, but he's not gonna last forever. Maybe ship off one of the extra starters to Washington for Jesus Flores (guy got claimed in the Rule V draft from the prospect who NOBODY thought would have been taken)?
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