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Frank Lary, 87 Dies: 2-time 20 game winner & All-Star. Was Renowned Yankees killer

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  • Frank Lary, 87 Dies: 2-time 20 game winner & All-Star. Was Renowned Yankees killer

    The first time I ever heard the term "Yankees Killer' it was in reference to pitcher, Frank Lary, who seemed to have no trouble beating the excellent Yankees teams of the late 1950s and early 1960s. He won 21 games in 1956 and won 23 games in 1961. He also had seasons with 14,15,16 and 17 victories. All but 5 of his 128 lifetime victories came with the Detroit Tigers, although he also played for the Milwaukee Braves , Mets, and White Sox in his final years.He must have gotten injured, because he tailed off sharply after his last great year of 1961 and he was done as a major leaguer after the 1965 season at the age of 35. He went 128-116, with a 3.49 earned run aveage in a 12 year major leagues career (1954-1965). Frank Lary (1930-2017) passes away at the age of 87. R.I.P.

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    When I was living in Alabama I lived near Frank Lary and met him a few times. He was very pleasant and his nephew (Al Lary's son) told me that he enjoyed meeting fans. The last time that I saw him was at a local bookstore. He looked like he was in a very bad mood and my young son literally bumped into him. Mr Lary brightened up when he saw that it was a young kid who had bumped him and they had an animated conversation about dinosaurs (a strong interest of my son's). About a week after this I saw in the paper that the last surviving brother of Mr Lary's brothers had died.


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      Can anybody confirm that Frank lary had injuries that shortened his career. After a Cy Young contending 20-win season in 1961 at age 31 his performance just falls off radically. He only won 11 games in his last four years, through 1965.


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        According to his SABR biography, Lary had some arm problems as early as 1959. In 1961 he had a sore elbow late in the season. He had shoulder problems in Spring Training in 1962, and injured his knee on opening day running the bases. His knee injury may have compounded his arm problems, and he was never the same pitcher again. At the end of 1961 he was something like 26-10 lifetime against the Yankees, and ended up 28-13, I believe. I clearly remember hearing the sports reports in the 50s and early 60s, commenting on another Lary win over the mighty Yankees.


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          The Yankee Killer
          27 World Championships
          22 retired numbers
          Isn't it great to be a Yankee fan?
          Baseball was, is, and always will be to me the best sport-Babe Ruth


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