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Tigers looking for a new mgr in 2021

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  • Tigers looking for a new mgr in 2021

    After 3 seasons, Gardy has stepped down as Detroit's mgr...16 seasons...13 with the Twins.....he exits with a 1,200 wins and 1,280 defeats...Next question is who will Detroit select as the next skipper...who will be poise to take this team to the next level...some good, vital talent at both AA Erie and AAA Toledo....

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    A great manager can make a difference, but I think whether or not they get new players (or start getting better performances out of current ones) is what's going to shape the Tigers' future. From what I've seen, the big reason the Tigers have been struggling in the past years has been their pitching. Combine the substandard pitching with a shaky offense and you get a really tough year like 2019. In order for the next manager to make a good, winning team out of the Tigers, he's going to need to either bring up some talented young pitching, or trade for some good pitching. If they don't get a more reliable pitching staff, I don't know how much else can be done.
    How dear to my heart was the old-fashioned batter / who scattered line drives from the spring to the fall / He did not resemble the up-to-date batter / who swings from the heels and misses the ball.

    The up-to-date batter, I’m not very strong for / he shatters the ozone with all of his might / And that is the reason I hanker and long for / those who doubled to left, and tripled to right.


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      to a point, yeah...but the basic core is there..true Mize, and fulmer didn't deliver..Mize, is barely out of AA Erie, and Fulmer, is still rebounding from surgery...and Boyd just had a crummy year...and I expect all three to to the mix, still some decent arms at both Toledo and Erie...of course, you have trade material....but there going to need a new mgr, someone outside the ORG..and someone who's not afraid, to stomp on them, when needed...i.e. like when Leyland early on his tenure, wasn't happy with the tigers performance, got pissed off and turned over food tables in clubhouse..those Tigers got the message...and the rest is history. Who would I hire ? Stubby Clapp, the former Mgr of the Memphis REDBIRDS..the AAA club of St.Louis. Clapp was a journeyman player..much like Sparky, who had a brief call up for that cup of coffee...Clapp won two championships with a Memphis team...getting much mileage out of those players...he's smart, driven, and knows what buttons to push...and surrounds himself with good coaches....he's a first base coach with the cards...and I would get permission to talk to him...and HIRE HIM.....


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        Turns out they've hired ex-Astros manager AJ Hinch.
        Put it in the books.


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          not a bad hire....especially with Red Sox and White Sox looking for mgrs, as well....They need a veteran skipper....not another AUSMUS.....Tigers did interview some great future skippers like Thames, or Nevin...among others..but Hinch was as good as it gets.


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