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Tigers projected stats for the 2008 season.

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  • Tigers projected stats for the 2008 season.

    Rotoprofessor gave me the inspiration to post this message. I have been thinking how the Tigers should fair on the offensive side of the game this season. My projections are based on the contributions from the bench players. I don't see Thames, Inge or Santiago hitting above .250, and can't imagine how well the other part timers will perform. This is how I see it this year....what say you. Would really appreciate your comments...I am not a professional, just passionate about the Tigers.




    Batting average........289

    Am I dreaming or what, sure would like your comments!!!

    GO TIGERS!!!!

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    For a point of reference -

    The Tigers all-time single season records in these categories are:

    Hits - 1724 (1921 Detroit Tigers - best in AL history)

    Runs - 958 (1934 Detroit Tigers)

    Homers - 225 (1987 Detroit Tigers, 10th best in AL history)

    Batting Average - .316 (1921 Detroit Tigers - best in AL history)

    With their current lineup, the Tigers should certainly contend to be the best hitting team in recent team history. They may even challenge the 1921 team as the best hitting squad in Tiger annals.

    However, the 1921 team is largely forgotten today, simply because their pitching was not as good and they did not win the pennant. On the other hand, the 1934 team and 1987 team did win their league/division.

    That will be the task at hand of the 2008 group of course. Here's hoping!


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