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Music at Comiskey Park during games

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  • Music at Comiskey Park during games

    I was wondering if anyone could help me out with this. What songs are most commonly played at the Stadium during games? For example, when the team goes on a rally, music between innings, at the seventh inning stretch, homeruns, walks and at the end of games? I am looking to put some cd's together for several teams. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    If you are asking about what songs are played regularly at CoPa? I might be a little help. The players themselves choose what music will be played when they approach the plate, so that can vary.

    Except for the home team line up announcements which Stranglehold by Ted Nugent is played. There is really no other songs played at exact times. Detroit Rock City by Kiss gets some play during highlights before the game. Saturday in the Park by Chicago, and other typical fair gets played when appropiate.

    7th inning stretch is crowd sung take me out to the ball game, god bless america, or both.

    Oh and welcome to baseball fever.


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      Thanks on the welcome. That is what Im looking for, music played at the stadium(not player intro music). I know other stadiums have situational music like "Black Betty" for the Yankees when they go on a rally, "Walk this Way" at Boston when somebody is walked. Boston plays "Centerfield" before games, NY plays "New York New York" after etc.

      Don't they play "Eye of the Tiger" in Detroit on homeruns?


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        Do you recognize the songs in this vid?

        Magglio Ordonez hits walkoff 3-run homer in the bottom of the ninth of Game 4 of the ALCS to send the Detroit Tigers to their first World Series since 1984!!...


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          I meant "Comerica" Park by the way sorry.


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            The first song played on that video is "Go Get Em Tigers". That song was written for the 1968 team. It can be a tough one to track down.

            I think every team out there must play "Centerfield" at some point before the game????? No the Tigers don't have a set song for homeruns.


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              Cominskey Park?

              Originally posted by eko718 View Post
              I meant "Comerica" Park by the way sorry.
              At least Cominskey's a historic baseball name. Not some whored out corporate plug.
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                At one time or another I have heard at least large portions of Kiss' Detroit Rock City and Kool and the Gang's Celebration (that last one after we beat the Yankees in the ALDS Game 4 to go on to the ALCS).
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                  It was long standing policy during the Jim Campbell era to not play any rock music during games at Tiger Stadium. He hated it. It was all well and good to play John Denver's "Thank God I'm a Country Boy", though, mere miles from the Grand Boulevard building which was the home of Motown records.

                  Then it was discovered Denver was an Oriole fan.
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                    I remember that, too, CCN. I think that was discovered while the O's were in town, and they kept the song around until the end of that series. Seems like that would have been '82 or '83.

                    "Go get 'em Tigers" used to be played after a Tiger win (a couple of years ago) the same way as "Dirty Water" in Boston or "New York, New York" at Yankee Stadium. It is a hard song to track down, but you can hear it at (or .com, I can't remember which). tigers527 is right, they do play "Detroit rock city" when the team takes the field. IMO, much better than "Eye of the Tiger", which felt a little cliche.

                    I can't remember where or how I got them, but I do have "Go get 'em Tigers" and "Bless you boys" on my mp3 player.
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