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Opening Day 2008

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  • Opening Day 2008

    Who from this forum is going to Opening day?
    Yes, I am going to The Game
    No, I am not going to the Game
    I am going to hang out prior to the game but am not attending the actual game.

    The poll is expired.

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    Not me this year. I went in '05 when D smacked three homers. That was my first, and so far, only Opening Day. I imagine when I do go to another it's going to be hard to beat that one.


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      I'm going, but I don't really want to.


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        That's the opposite of my answer.
        "Someone asked me if I took steroids. I said, 'No. I had a contract with Wheaties.'"
        --Bob Feller


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          Originally posted by George & Al View Post
          I'm going, but I don't really want to.
          Why don't you want to go?



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            No, but I sure wish I could.
            "They put me in the Hall of Fame? They must really be scraping the bottom of the barrel!"
            -Eppa Rixey, upon learning of his induction to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

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              Ok....I had my tickets Opening Day....I have other obligations (school) on that day, but I have been to plenty of opening days.

              That said, I keep feeling mixed emotions about selling my seats on stub hub. The feelings I have are least I will not have to pay $30 to park (more than a single ticket). At least I would not have to churn myself through the large crowd. I did also get a reasonable price for my tickets.

              I would miss the people I know that got packages outside of the ones I have. I will miss the whole energy of the park. I have been sitting on pins and needles about this season for a little bit. I just wish I could know I could be there and also get an A in all my classes.

              Not that the money from the sale does not hurt. I hope you all that said youre going, have fun. I will be with you in spirit.


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