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2008 Detroit Tigers Regular Season Thread

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  • 2008 Detroit Tigers Regular Season Thread

    Sorry about this coming a little late. 11 innings and a loss. 161 to go.
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    0-5 so far. Whats wrong with the tigers? only 10 runs scored in those 5 games, is it just a slow start or something more long term to think about?


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      i don't know what's wrong with our boys--at the plate they look like they just stepped off the bus. but things will turn around...


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        And they scored 11 runs in one inning. I guess when the offense finally woke up, they did it with splendor!
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          Was really impressed with the attendance vs the Rockies this weekend since the Rox have struggled all year long.

          Not to impressed with all the fans that booed Todd Jones with his first blown save since Sept 11th last year.


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            Yes I too was/ am disappointed in the boos Todd got. He didnt deserve that

            I keep telling myself that a LOT of the fans now are the johnny-come-lately fans. The ones who are driving their Lexus SUV's, and convertible BMW's. Not that I have any thing against people who own those vehicles, I'm just saying its the people who arent really into the Tigers baseball from a follower stand point but a jump on the bandwagon view.


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              Detroit Tigers got off to a slow start, but are around 500 now. On another note, please visit and let others know about to help save the Detroit Tigers original home and one of the oldest locations for Major League Baseball. This plan looks pretty solid and has a lot of backing, visit to donate or contribute to the cause.


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