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Grilli it's time!!!!!

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  • Grilli it's time!!!!!

    Let's face it it's time to cut Jason Grilli. Bring up one of those young arms from AA or AAA and let them grow up in the big time. Grilli can only do worse as the season goes forward. A young guy will most likely get better.

    What say you!!!

    GO TIGERS!!!

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    I agree to cut Grilli, but I'm not sure that I want a young guy in the pen. We already have quite a few young guys in the bullpen, and it hasn't worked out. The Tigers signed Aaron Fultz. Why not give him a go? He has experience, and is a good reliever when healthy.


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      Cut him. He's not going to get any better and the Tigers have some arms in AAA and AA.
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        Grilli should have never been on this years team!
        He should been cut in the spring of 07!


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          Not to pile on, but I noticed three times when Grilli was throwing yesterday that a puff of powder or dust of some kind (probably rosin) came off his hand when he threw a pitch. I couldn't help but think that that would add to the deception of a pitch and make it harder to pick up the baseball because you had this temporary cloud exploding out of the same hand that threw it.. Twice he wiped his hand off on his shirt right after throwing. Unfortunately, he missed with two of those pitches and went on to walk the third guy.

          So i guess... file Grilli under "can't even cheat properly."
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