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    Can someone tell me why this guy (Clete Thomas) isn't in the lineup every night. He hits, can bunt and play the field. When he is in the line up the team seems to be a little more flexible. But Leland seems to want Thames, let's face it there is no comparison, this kid looks like a player. And Marcus for the most part struggles. Yes he hit one the other night!!!

    Go Tigers!!!!

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    CT is hitting because, in part, most teams don't have a decent scouting report on him. Once they figure out how to pitch him his average will go down to .290 at best.

    Aside from that I do like the kid. From all I've heard he carries himself well and knows his place in a veteran locker room. That's something that isn't easy when you're dealing with a MLB team.


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      Well the same question could be asked of the Inge issue.

      This AWESOME player this year is leading the team in all of it. Cabrera is not hitting, his fielding is not anywhere as aggressive as Inge is at third AND he has errors already.
      I personally dont like the way he throws to Carlos. MOST of the throws are are at Carlos' ankles!

      Inge has come through with 2 outs with some excellent hits and RBI's


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        I agree...Inge has an extremely strong arm and I personally think he did a great job on the 3rd and as far as I see his hitting improved as well


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