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Wings lose-Tigers win, I'll take it!

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  • Wings lose-Tigers win, I'll take it!

    Well, the Preds came back to beat the Wings in a playoff game but that's OK because the Tigers came back to beat the Twins in a regular season game. I'll take it! The squad stayed together tonight through 9 and did some damage with the bat...

    ..So if anything, we can use this thread to talk about the Wings playoff season. I hope tonight's loss will wake them up. They obviously took some mental breaks when they gave up all the goals so closely together. Game 4 Wed night.
    Is it clear? No... well, let's go anyways.

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    I've been silent but not absent. Thank God the team finally woke up...and in a big way, too!
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    -Eppa Rixey, upon learning of his induction to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

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