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Jacques Jones designated for assignment :D

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  • Jacques Jones designated for assignment :D

    The title says it all the left handed 2008 version of 2007 Craig Monroe is gone. I wonder if the Tigers will get anything for him in the next 10 days or if they will just have to let him go? Maybe Jacques Jones for some Jock Straps, but that trade would be too one sided.

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    This isn't really a shock, I thought it would come sooner or later. The Tigers called up outfielder Matt Joyce. I'm not sure who the starting left fielder will be. Probably Thames, but maybe Inge. Sheffield might be released allowing Guillen to DH. I hope that isn't the case though, I want to see Sheff get to 500 homers in a Tigers' uniform.


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      Jones was just having an awful year.
      Buck O'Neil: The Monarch of Baseball


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        I wonder if he'll try to sign with San Diego, his hometown.


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          Matt Joyce

          Well aside from the misfortune of sharing a name with a Lion starting offensive lineman, just who is Matt Joyce. Well, I am not sure either but here is an article on him from a few weeks ago on the Tigers home page.

          Why Matt Joyce instead of the Cleven or Thomas, I am guessing this has something to do with it.

          Originally posted by ARTICLE
          In fact, his performance in the field earned him the title of best defensive outfielder in the Eastern League last year by Baseball America, which also named him the best defensive outfielder in the Detroit system.
          At least someone on the field will be able to play decent defense. No offense Curtis, Placido or Ivan.


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