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    So I got bored and also got to thinking, what the heck is up with the Tigers and LF? The thing with LF is that's the one spot in the OF where you can put the weakest defender in the measurable OF skills. Those skills being range/speed, reaction/jump and arm/throws. You can almost put the weakest guy in those 3 categories out in LF and be pretty comfortable. Barry Bonds played out there and did not kill the Giants. Although, you would prefer your LFer to have a better arm than the average CFer.

    The last Tiger listed as the everyday LFer to play in an All Star game, Steve Kemp 1979. Before the year started I suggested it was time to move Magglio with his slightly below average arm, his below average range/speed and his pretty good jumps to LF. I also thought Fukudome would have been a good fit in RF and a lefty that Tigers have been looking for, but I am not a GM, go figure.

    Oh well, I guess my only point is why the heck has LF been such a drain for the Tigers compared to other teams and how they feature their LFers?

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    Craig Monroe was a decent left fielder from '03-'06. He just fell into a huge slump last season. The Tigers need to find some kind of left handed hitting left fielder. I thought they were going to trade for Raul Ibanez in '06, but obviously that didn't happen.


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