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  • Tiger Fans in Southeastern Michigan...

    Friday May 23rd at 5:30 AM on My TV20 a new sports show dedicated to teams and players exclusively in the Midwest will debut. If it's to early for you - make sure to set your TIVO!

    Tigers television announcer Rod Allen will be on the program to talk about the Tigers.

    Here is the official press release...


    TROY, MI (April 28, 2008) – Midwest Sports Clash will debut May 23, 2008 at 5:30 am on My TV20. The weekly sports show will provide television viewers in Southeastern Michigan their only place for local sports coverage in the mornings.

    Hosted by Kevin Clark and Michael Niziolek and directed by Mark Carey, the show covers all sports and teams in the Midwest, professional and collegiate, but nothing east of Pittsburgh, south of Cincinnati or west of Kansas City.

    “Residents of Michigan are sick of turning on national sports shows and seeing their coverage completely focused on teams in New York, Boston and Los Angeles,” said co-host Michael Niziolek. “Fans in the Midwest want to hear about their teams, and the issues affecting them – not the latest Yankees and Red Sox series or the coaching issues with the Knicks.”

    Midwest Sports Clash will cover news and headlines from the past week, preview and recap important games and events, and provide viewers with in-depth interviews of athletes and sports personalities.

    “One of the biggest things for us is to let viewers hear from the athletes they’re cheering for or against,” co-host Kevin Clark said. “We could talk about, for example, the Tigers line-up shuffle, but who better to talk about it than a member of the team.”

    Since the show started airing in Oakland County two years ago on public access, viewers responded to the format and content of the show paving the way for a move to my20 which reaches 1.9 million homes in Southeastern Michigan.

    “We felt MY TV20 was a perfect fit for us to come to network television, with their Pistons programming and demographics, they’ve just been outstanding and we couldn’t be happier about going forward with them,” Clark said.

    Clark also hopes that MSC will be able to help local companies in Detroit and Windsor by offering low advertising rates. With times being tough for businesses in the Detroit area and other parts of Michigan, Clark understands advertising dollars are at a premium, but he hopes local programming with local advertisers will resonate with businesses and viewers alike.

    “We’ve already had great response from local companies looking to partner with us. Bringing more exposure to local companies is something we’re extremely excited about,” said Clark.

    Midwest Sports Clash’s debut show will feature an interview with Tigers' television announcer Rod Allen and a discussion of the Midwest teams remaining in the NBA and NHL playoffs.

    “With the Pistons and Red Wings playoff performances right now, plus the Cleveland Cavaliers and Pittsburgh Penguins, we think it’s the perfect time to spotlight the Midwest,” Niziolek said.


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    I remember back in the day there was a sports program on the cable channel LO11, featurung a couple guys whose names escape me right now, one was a man named Ron who loved sponsor Jalapeno Pete's Restaurant, which I don't believe exists anymore.

    Since Comcast dropped channel 8 from their lineup, it's always good to see this sort of programming.
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