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Tigers 10th in FoxSports Power Rankings

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  • Tigers 10th in FoxSports Power Rankings

    I find it amazing to see the Tigers that high on the list, mainly because of what I've witnessed over the past couple of decades. I agree with the notion that the offense will be pretty impressive if they can stay healthy, but a 10th place ranking should come with a better pitching staff. FoxSports even discounts what Kenny Rogers will be bringing to the franchise, and still ranks them that high. I hope they can live up to it.
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    Geez, a .500 season would probably bring rejoicing in the streets.


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      We have the talent - not sure about top 10 - but we are getting there. If the skipper keeps the clubhouse in order, the fellas perform to their capabilities (and I don't mean career years), and as always in MLB - we stay relatively injury free ... it could be a great year.

      My worry - tough, tough division. We'll be going up against plenty 'o good arms all year long.
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        Welcome back, buddy! Good to see some regulars returning to the Fever.

        In an update to the title of this thread, the Tigers actually climbed one spot to #9 in the Fox Sports power rankings, not too far behind the White Sox and ahead of Cleveland. I hope the players don't get too caught up in this generous ranking, as there's alot of work to be done to earn that spot.

        It's funny how just last season, most sports writers were ripping on the AL Central and proclaiming it the weakest division in all of baseball. The NL West promptly showed that they are the weakest, and the Sox and Cleveland knocked around some good teams throughout the season. Now everyone is saying that this is one of the toughest divisions, and that our Tigers are a big reason for that. I believe it's totally possible that the AL Central boasts four teams over .500, and I'm pretty sure there will be two teams heading to the playoffs.

        Barring any major injuries to key players, I expect this to be the year the Tigers return to glory, not only climbing over the .500 mark for the first time in forever, but capturing the division title. Due to the weakness of it's bullpen, I predict the reigning World Champs will miss the playoffs, giving way to Cleveland and Detroit. Had Trammell not been fired, however, I wouldn't have picked the Tigers to go to the playoffs, but I see Jim Leyland as a huge difference-maker in getting this veteran ballclub back on track. A part of my prediction is based on pure homerism, but most of it is based on the team's hunger to shake the "loser" stigma and return the storied franchise to glory. There seems to be alot of pride nowadays from the players, and hopefully they can use that to take the next step.
        "Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night." - Edgar Allan Poe


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          We only moved up one (to #18) in ESPN's latest poll.


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