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    K fellas, give me the lowdown. Who is he, where did he come from, what do we expect, etc. I know nothing about the kid.
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    Here's a good link

    Apparently he's really improved his control. He is 24. There was another good article on, but I can't find it anymore. It was posted around the 2nd of the month.


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      He was the Tigers Minor League Pitcher of the Year if I'm not mistaken. Or maybe just the Florida State League Pitcher of the Year. He's easily overlooked considering the Tigers had Verlander and Zumaya who tore up the minors last year. I was surprised to see him get the last bullpen spot considering they could have given Colon the roster spot. As soon as Jones is healthy again, don't expect to see Tata back in Detroit for the near future. He could easily use some more seasoning, considering I don't think he's pitched above single A ever.


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        He was scheduled to be the Opening Day starter in Erie

        but got called up before the season started - as a Seawolves fan i am hoping to see Tata in AA (& there was an article in the local paper that he might get sent to Erie) as i still haven't forgiven the Tigers for jumping Bonderman to the majors over AA (lol) .


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          I'm not so sure about the Erie plan anymore. Jordan has looked pretty darn good so far against MLB pitching. When he gets sent back down, I'm betting it'll be to Toledo. I think he'd be just fine with the Tigers for the rest of the season, but he's a starter and he'd get more innings down on the farm. With the way Nate Robertson is pitching, I think I'd let Tata take the starting spot for a game or two, or let Zumaya get a crack at it. Robertson hasn't done anything to deserve his spot over the past two years, while the youngsters have looked quite impressive thus far. I think (hope) Nate is down to his last straw.
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