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  • ricky151
    now or never for c pena

    He has great power and had so much potential. He did show good power in his limited time in the majors last year. The problem with pena is when he broke in the league he was in the class of a guy like Paul konerko, Travis Hafner and Aubrey Huff. While huff started of great and hafner and konerko are both all stars now. I feel Pena needs one more year before writing him off.

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  • Ravenlord
    dude's got nothing more to prove in the minors.

    his splits show his homerun power falls off fairly dramatically in Detroit (but his triples go way up)

    he did surge after being recalled (Pena hit .286 with 15 homers and 30 RBI in 38 games after being recalled from the minors last August 17th.).

    right now he can be traded for nothing of even remote value. however, he'll be 28 next year, and that's hwen most hitters start having their best seasons.

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  • RottenGazebo
    Send him away...

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  • skeletor
    started a topic Pena...


    Well Tiger fans..Is the jury out on Pena ? should the Tigers continue
    to wait and see if this guy, will finally blossom into a star..or
    shop him around ? He has an up and down career starting with
    Oakland, which gave up on him, and sent him to Detroit, in a
    package for Jeff Weaver...I like Pena, but he needs to be more selected
    in his pitch choices, and cut down on his whiffs..At times, his mental
    game suffered, with bonehead errors....But the potential is there..
    Last part of the second half of the season, it looked like He finally
    started to put it all together..and think as the question being,
    stick with him..or move him...and go after another first sacker..such
    as Sexson, who probably wouldn't come to Detroit....

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