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    When we were kids (11/12 year olds in '67) we all used to play Strat-o-Matic Baseball. We even had a neighborhood League.

    Anyway, I will never forget the day that we were over at our friend Bruce's house for the Neighborhood World Series Game. 2 Guys were playing and about 10 of us, including Mark, were hovering around the Table watching every Dice Roll to see who would win the Championship for bragging rights that year! I don't remember the specifics, but around the 6th Inning, the game was tied, and Mark started pacing around … he could never really stay still anyway … but you could tell he was getting antsy!

    Mark then proceeds to approach the table, grabs the dice, stands there, and blurts out, "You guys are crazy! Let's get out of here and go play some REAL BASEBALL!" He was always the 1st one at the Field after school for pick-up Games & the last one to leave! For the love of the Game, that was Mark! I've never met anyone that was so passionate about anything in Life as Mark was for Baseball and this was long before he "showed the world" just how passionate he was! I was blessed and still am blessed to have known him!


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      These are some really super anecdotes! You're so lucky to have not only known him but also to have been friends. From all accounts, Mark Fidrych was an incredibly great spirit, and this further confirms that.

      Thanks much for sharing!
      Put it in the books.


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        Mark & I were playing Golf in Sparky Anderson's Catch Charity Fundraiser with Dave Rozema & Dave Bergman. My name is Dave too. So Mark gets up on the 1st Tee and simply says, "Lets make this Simple … Just call me Dave today!" And so we did … Then driving in the cart around the 3rd Hole, Mark (I mean Dave) looks at me and says, "Why do you yell Four in Golf? I mean what is it with that Number?"

        I didn't have the heart to tell him that it is FORE (as in forewarned) & not the # 4 so I just simply said, "I don't know." A few Holes later, sure enough he hits an errant Drive and we're all yelling "FORE" except for Mark (I mean Dave) who is Screaming at the Top of his Lungs, "ONE! ONE!" We're all like WTF? "I'm going to keep track of how many times I have to yell four today & that was one," he says.

        So we just let him go with it … Well we're coming up our Final Hole & he hits a low line drive, worm burner, dead left at the group in the adjacent Fairway and He's Screaming, "ELEVEN! ELEVEN!" Yep, 11 Times he had to yell 4 that day!

        So we're in the Clubhouse awaiting the Charity Auction and that group that he almost just hit comes over to him and asks him what he was yelling? "I was yelling 11, 11, because that's the number of times I had to yell the number 4 today …" He was dead serious but they roared with laughter thinking that he was telling a joke!
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