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  • Trade Deadline

    Who will the Tigers be targeting at the trade deadline? Who would be on the block for Detroit?

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    I wonder what Rick Porcello would land.
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      Well, I think it is pretty obvious to say that the biggest upgrades need to come at 2B and SP. I have heard rumors floating around that the Tigers are interested in the DBack's SS Stephen Drew, and possibly 2B Ryan Roberts. Jhonny Peralta is an interest to Arizona. The Tigers could trade Peralta for Drew and Roberts, this will improve the middle infield defensively and offensively. They could even throw in some prospects and see if they could pry Joe Saunders or Ian Kennedy.

      1. Jackson CF
      2. Berry LF
      3. Cabrera 3B
      4. Fielder 1B
      5. Young DH
      6. Drew SS
      7. Avila C
      8. Boesch RF
      9. Roberts 2B


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        Originally posted by Captain Cold Nose View Post
        I wonder what Rick Porcello would land.
        if he could land somewhere with an infield with good range he could be great.
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