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Dirks vs. Boesch

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  • Dirks vs. Boesch

    Watching today's Tigers-White Sox game, and seeing Brennan Boesch in the line-up against a left-handed starter surprises me. Without any inside information, this decision makes Leyland look bad.

    Boesch is a very undisciplined hitter. His OBP is under .300. He's a bad fielder.

    Dirks has the second highest OBP on the team behind Cabrera. Anybody who even casually watches Tigers games knows Dirks is the better hitter.

    He should be starting every game from here on out.

    I've never been one to call for Jim Leyland's pink slip, but decisions like this make me see more clearly the point of those who do.

    On a side note, I surely wish Jhonny Peralta didn't play like the spelling of his name.

    He should just intentionally strike out already with any runner on first base and less than two outs. Take his GIDPs and giddyup outta here.

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    I'm not giving up on thm yet, but regardless of what happens this year I want a SET LINEUP for 2013, with injuries being the only reason for significant variation. If that means Jim Leyland will finally retire to that nice Florida condo full time, so be it.
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      I haven't really taken issue with that many of Leyland's in-game decisions, but I think the coaching staff is ineffectual. Maybe regime change is needed.

      I know the Tigers are stuck with sub-par defense at the infield corners (Fielder's inability to scoop a short hop throw lost the game today), but those guys make up for it. The middle infield is where they need help. Peralta in particular. He's in my dog house at the moment.

      A shortstop and a right fielder (preferably with speed, we have enough base cloggers) are the first things I'd try to fix were I Dave Dombrowski.

      I'd say put Dirks in left from opening day on next year and let him do his stuff.

      Avila and Laird...well, catchers who can hit don't just fall off trees. Avila played hurt a lot this year, so he and his tendency to try and pull outside pitches get a pass for now.

      Yes, I'm already talking about next year. I've thrown in the towel. Not that I'll stop watching them, but I won't invest much emotion. If they win a game, I'll say "Oh, that's nice." If they lose, "Hey, can't win 'em all." The lithium approach.

      Next year's lineup in a better world:
      Jackson CF
      Dirks LF
      Cabrera 3B
      Fielder/Martinez DH/1B
      Gibson RF
      Trammell SS
      Avila C
      Infante 2B


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        I prefer Dirks. He is a better fielder and has the potential to be a better hitter with some consistent at bats. I believe that Dirks will be an everyday corner OF in 2013 for the Tigers. Its just a matter of where to put him. Garcia and Berry are also going to be pushing for spots. I think Boesch may be gone unless he can go on a tear in the final week and in the playoffs...if he is on the roster. Regardless, he will need to perform well in Spring Training. But the future of the corener OF in Detroit is between Garcia, Berry, and Dirks. Jackson is the only Tigers with a guaranteed spot in the OF next year.
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          I can't really keep them apart not watching many tigers games. doesn't one of them have that wild one handed swing? He needs to fix that or pitchers will expose that.
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            Boesch...he lunges the ball and has the crazy swing.


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