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  • Andy dirks=hero!

    This guy plays the game how it should be played! Did anyone catch the slide last night? I wish more baserunners would do that in a double play situation with a runner on 3rd. His slide solidified the win last night. The run doesnt score without that.

    What is up with Porcello? His velocity was scary and his pitches were up and catching too much of the plate. Is this the last season he is a shoe in for a rotation spot? Will he be trade bait? I can tell you he will not be in the post season rotation if the Tigers make it.

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    When I said Jhonny Peralta should just intentionally strike out with a runner on first and less than 2 outs, that play is exactly what I was talking about. Peralta did his best to ground into a DP, but Dirks came into second base like a player from the 'chaw in the jaw' era. Nice to see.

    Double plays have killed more rallies than I can count this year. I'd bet money that Peralta and Delmon Young are the top two teammates in GIDPs this year in the AL.

    I don't know how Leyland will set the rotation for the playoff posibility. I suppose I'd rather see Sanchez pitching than Porcello at this point.

    Now to celebrate the good news. The Tigers won today. Isn't that nice.


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