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    Here we are in the post-season. The first back-to-back appearances for the Tigers since '34-35. Only the second time in my lifetime (and the first that I remember) where the Tigers and the Reds have been in the playoffs during the same year.

    I will be the first one to say that I didn't think they had it in them as of a week ago or so. I will also be the first one to say I don't know if they have it in them to go the distance.

    This season I watched exactly 157 frustrating Tigers games. Wire to wire as they say, and even though I think the White Sox lost the division more than the Tigers won the division, that is past and gone. New horizons.

    For every single game, good, bad or blow-out, thanks Tigers.

    Thanks for every Austin Jackson strike-out that didn't happen this year.
    Thanks to Andy Dirks for saving us from Don Kelly, Clete Thomas, and FINALLY Brennan Boesch.
    Thanks for Miguel Cabrera.
    Thanks for Prince Fielder's dad, who made Prince Fielder.
    Thanks to Delmon Young and the Jews for working together through the hard outer shell to the soft inner core.
    Thanks for Jhonny Peralta not falling prey to any strike-'em-out/throw-'em-out double plays and grounding into the old 6-4-3 like a man.
    Thanks for Brennan Boesch evoking the memory of Rob Deer.
    Thanks for Alex Avila playing above his ability last year, giving us glimpses of hope and bounty before the eventual 2-hopper to second base.
    Thanks to the second basemen. All of them.
    Thanks for Justin Verlander.
    Thanks to Max Scherzer (seriously) in what was certainly a tough year for him with his brother and all.
    Thanks to Rick Porcello for...well, I never said thanks for that body slam of Kevin Youkilis a few years ago. Thanks.
    Thanks to Doug Fister for your aggressive surname and pitching chops, you strike-thrower, you.
    Thanks to Drew Smyly. Your baby face and your cutesie name lull opponents into a false sense of superiority.
    Thanks to Anibal Sanchez for that last start you had against the Royals.
    Thanks to Jose Valverde for pot-bellied, goggle-eyed histrionics.
    Thanks to the rest of the bullpen, and bench guys (Q especially) for a season that was as maddening as it was fist-pumping.
    Thanks to Jim Leyland and his staff for working with what Dombrowski gave you.
    (Don't) GO (breakin' my heart) TIGERS!!!

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