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Marathons Lasting 20 or More Innings in the Tigers Area

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  • Marathons Lasting 20 or More Innings in the Tigers Area

    We are the Marathon Seekers Group, eleven SABR members who are constantly looking to discover Baseball Marathons lasting 20 or more innings. So far, we have 648. But we know that we are touching only the tip of the iceberg.

    These games are very difficult to discover. Through much experience, we have learned that the three best places to find such games are (1) during the 1900 through 1929 era, at the height of Town Ball games; (2) Latino Baseball in the Caribbean and in Latin America; and (3) current games as they occur.

    We hope that you will review this list, and contact me, Phil Lowry, via e-mail at [email protected], if you know of a game not on the list, or if you can provide missing details for a game already on the List.

    We offer an Official Certificate to all who find a new game not yet on the List. Thank you very much for your help.

    MICHIGAN (6)

    20 – Opportunity (later Recreation, then Burkart, then Aces) Park, Saginaw or Fairgrounds-Keeley Park, Jackson - 6/30/1908 – Southern Michigan Association - Saginaw Wa-wa’s 5 Jackson Convicts 4.

    21 – Ironwood – 8/6/1911 – Upper Peninsula League – Cary Empires 4 Ironwood Tigers 2 in 4:05, 2nd game between Ironwood and Temple Theatre postponed – finished at 6:10 PM.

    20 – Franklin Park, Adrian – 7/17/1913 – Southern Michigan Association – Battle Creek Crickets 1 Adrian Champs 1.

    20 – Ace Park, Saginaw - 7/12/1924 – Michigan-Ontario League – Flint Vehics 3 Saginaw Aces 2 in 1st game, then Flint 4 Saginaw 2 in 7 innings in 2nd game.

    22 – Marsh Field, Muskegon – ?/??/1949 – All-American Girls’ League – Muskegon Lassies 1 Rockford Peaches 0 in 3:02, then Rockford 3 Muskegon 1 in 6 innings.

    22 – Tiger Stadium, Detroit – 6/24/1962 – American League – Yankees 9 Tigers 7 in 7:00 – 35,638 fans, 20,000 fans at end – finished at 8:30 PM.

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    Quite a daunting task. You're looking for professional only?
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    Joe Gary MCA Emanuel Sonny Dave Earl Stan
    Jonathan Neil Roger Anthony Ray Thomas Art Don
    Gates Philip John Warrior Rik Casey Tony Horace
    Robin Bill Ernie JEDI


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      Captain Cold Nose

      The net is being cast far and wide.

      All baseball games, pro, amateur, Minor League, MLB, international, women's, Negro League, college, high school, etc.

      If you send me your e-mail address, I will send you the entire list.


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