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    Cool! Can't wait to read it. That's one of the things I wish I'd had more time to talk to Jerry DaVanon about a few weeks back, his time in the minors.
    Never confuse character with geography --- Red Smith
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      Originally posted by barzilla

      Yes, in fact Philip responded to the interview questions from Astrosdaily folks and the interview should be posted there within the next few days.
      I just saw it today, he sounds like an erudite young man. I remember him as Rice's closer, of course (I'm a Rice grad) and that the Astros drafted him, but didn't realize he was shooting up through the system so quickly. Must make you quite the proud second cousin, and I wouldn't worry about that invite to Kissimmee next year if he's been tagged to play in the AFL, I'd start looking for a way to stay down there for a couple months, cheap! I don't suppose being the Spring Training correspondent for Astros Daily is a paying gig?
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        Originally posted by MikieNix
        I don't suppose being the Spring Training correspondent for Astros Daily is a paying gig?

        Enjoyed the interview at Astros Daily, Scott. Good job :gt
        Never confuse character with geography --- Red Smith
        Astros Daily


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          Only one of those questions were mine. So, the kudos go to the members of the board there for asking good questions. He only declined to answer a question about Hector Gimenez which probably speaks volumes. His father gave me the low down on that one, but I'll keep it "hush-hush".

          I'll make sure to parlay my AD salary into a trip. I love the lack of tax liability though.
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            I see that he is on Italy's WBC roster. How is that going?
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              Article from the Corpus Christi Caller-Times. Feel free to ask the White House press corp what they think about that newspaper

              George Vondracek / Caller-Times ... 12 Mar 06
              KISSIMMEE, Fla. - Philip Barzilla learned a few new words while competing for Italy at the World Baseball Classic.

              "Andiamo," which, loosely translated, means, "C'mon, let's go."

              And "facile," or slow down.

              He also learned a few words that really aren't printable in English or Italian.

              "That was nice," Barzilla said, smiling.

              But the best thing the Houston Astros' left-handed farmhand learned was heartening. A member of the Hooks last season, Barzilla realized he can play at an international level.

              Barzilla, along with Hooks player Mark Saccomanno, Astros pitcher Mike Gallo and Houston special assistant Matt Galante were back in the Houston preseason camp Saturday after Italy was eliminated from the tournament. The situations Barzilla faced are what were most encouraging to him.

              In a 6-0 loss to Venezuela, Barzilla threw an inning, striking out major-leaguer Magglio Ordonez from Detroit and inducing an inning-ending grounder with two men aboard. In Italy's 8-3 loss to the Dominican Repulic, Barzilla faced only one batter but got another major-leaguer, Boston's David Ortiz, to pop out.

              "What was really neat is I knew I was going to be nervous because I was over-amped. But there also was a calmness, too. You have to have the urgency because there were two guys on base," said Barzilla, 7-7 with the third-best ERA in the Texas League (3.03) last season with the Hooks.

              "But to be able to get guys like that out at that level gives me huge confidence in this game," he said.

              Saccomanno had three hits in 11 at-bats, doubling and hitting a two-run home run in the 10-0 waxing of Australia in Italy's tourney opener. He did commit a couple of errors that cost the Italians in the 8-3 loss to the Dominicans.

              "It was probably the best pitching I've seen so far in my career," said Saccomanno, the fourth-year third baseman-first baseman whose 36 doubles tied for the Texas League lead last season. "I did well to prepare for them. It was pitchers like Freddy Garcia, guys like that. It was like going up against an all-star team looking at those lineups. Just going up against those guys makes you see the difference between the minors and the majors."
              Never confuse character with geography --- Red Smith
              Astros Daily


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                You guys still around? What years at PHS? My uncle coached there for a while, now at Baytown Sterling. I would have gone there, but moved and went to Deer Park (1990)


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                  Originally posted by barzilla
                  Ah, now I think I remember. That was a ways ago. You are making me feel old now. What are you up to now?
                  Damn, I forgot about this forum. I found it today trying to find info on Huff.

                  Anyways, I graduated in 2002 so I had you back in...98 or 99, not sure if you remember.


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