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Clemens returning?

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  • Clemens returning?

    Does anyone know if Roger is coming back next year? Or is he going to retire (again).

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    I'm sure he won't announce it until the postseason is long over.

    For my money, he was the best pitcher in baseball this year. His ERA was a half-run better than the next-best pitcher, and that with 32 starts.

    He is one of the few pitchers in baseball history that you really can't judge by his age. Damned few, in fact. Cy Young, Pete Alexander, Nolan Ryan, Hoyt Wilhelm, and Clemens. Best pitchers ever after age 40, IMO.
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      I'd be prone to toss in Satchel Paige and maybe even Phil Niekro on that list.

      I didn't think he would sign with Houston before 2004, and I had doubts he would re-up for 2005. The feeling is right now that he would if it meant any possibility he could take the field with his son at the end of 2006 in a September call-up.

      But if by some miraculous incident the Astros win it all this October, I see Clemens calling it quits for good and then throwing out the first pitch, with his son catching it, next September about a week after his son makes his MLB debut.
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        Roger would have to be Astros' GM for Koby to get called up next year. Maybe 2007.


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          from what I understand, Koby played pretty well this year. If he can keep that up I dont think its out of the realm of possibility for him to get a callup next year. And I especially think the Astros would be in favor of it if it means a return of Roger Clemens.
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            Clemens will not return

            I believe Clemens will call it quits for good after this postseason, he is in pain nearly every day, and I don't see him putting himself through another long season. We may have seen him pitch for the last time today, but hopefully not.


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              Maybe he'll retire, but then realize that he likes Detroit. What? Just a dream.


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                Whatever he's gonna do, he needs to do it and quit holding the Astros hostage. They cannot/will not make a move until they know what he is going to do.
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                  He will come back to pitch in the World Tournament but i don't know if he is healthy enough to pitch the full season for the Astros if he decide to suit up.


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                    How about we give you Pudge...and we'll take 'em.


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                      I think we have to offer arbitration today. Then I could see him being on the "voluntary retired" list and start pitching in June. He was great for 5 months last year.(right through October):gt


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                        With Clemens scheduled to pitch in the World Baseball Classic is March, and given he probably doesn't want to pitch for any other team then the Astros so he can be close to his family, I bet he will sign up with the Astros for another year after May 1st.

                        - He sure doesn't need the money or championships so what do other teams have to offer him, nothing.

                        - His son being in the system for Houston is another thing to keep him.

                        With Clemens pitching in March and being such a competitor you know he will be in top shape for the WBC, he should go at another season with the Astros. assuming he is healthy and all.


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                          One question about his not travelling with the team on games he didn't pitch. Did this continue fully through 2005 also, or was this only for 2004?

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                            roger's return

                            if he still has the fire and passion, then he'll be back..with
                            Houston...if not, he'll is not an issue..

                            what an amazing pitcher.....saw him many times, during his
                            american league of the best!


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                              Well it's May, is he going to come out and play?


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