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Who is the greatest Astro of all time?

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    Originally posted by Buzzaldrin
    JR and Don Wilson were the big tragedies, Ryan and co. may have been better pitchers, but they didn't bleed Orange.
    Sorry sir, but I beg to differ. Nolan surely bled orange. You can thank the late Dr. John McMullen for the origins of that rumor.
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      Originally posted by nolanryan5714
      Sorry sir, but I beg to differ. Nolan surely bled orange. You can thank the late Dr. John McMullen for the origins of that rumor.

      Yes, from what I've heard, Nolan did infact bleed orange
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        Originally posted by nolanryan5714
        Heya Willie!

        Nice post, and I agree. As much as I'd LOVE to vote for Nolan, I believe Biggio represents the Astros more than any other singular player in franchise history.

        Keep it up, Bidge!
        Howdy, David! Sorry to hear that Rita kicked your butt. Glad to hear it's getting back to normal now.

        As for Joe Morgan getting 0 votes, his best years were outside the franchise. If he had won back-to-back MVPs as an Astro, a strong case could be made for him. But otherwise it's like calling Wade Boggs the greatest Devil Ray of all-time.
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          Originally posted by Gooch
          Jeff Bagwell is hands down the greatest Astro in history. Not only has he had a spectacular offensive career, he's spent his entire career in Houston. How can there be anyone else?

          As for Nolan Ryan... as much as I enjoyed watching his blazing fastball, he played with the Astros for just nine seasons (out of 27) and he never won more than 16 games in a year. I'd hardly call that dominating.
          Ryan is overrated, with all the strikeouts, he also had a lot of walks, and was never a consistent winner.

          but look at the teams he played for. Not a whole lot of winning teams so you cant expect him to win much, if hes not playing for a winner


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            Originally posted by El Nino Linares
            You have got to be kidding me that Ryan overrated!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah right so 5700 ks is overrated throwing 96 at the age of 46.... Not bad, he retired and it took him about 5yrs to get into the hall of fame.... Some people die waiting to get inducted to the hall of fame....

            everyone has to wait at least 5 years you moron


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              My guess is most people voting never saw Jimmy Wynn play or even know who he is. That is what is sad about a poll like this where most names everyone knows and that there is this guy that most say "I have heard about that guy but he played so long ago". Well people look up this guy! No Jimmy Wynn and I am not sure there would still be a team in Houston!


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                I'd have gone with Glenn Davis, but he wasn't a choice, so...

                HOUSTON ASTROS


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                  Originally posted by Honus Wagner Rules
                  OK, who is the greatest Astro of all time?
                  Bagwell, with Biggio having a very strong case.


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                    I voted for Biggio, but I almost voted for Bagwell.



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                      I also voted for Biggio
                      Don't blame us if we ever doubt you,
                      You know we couldn't live without you
                      Red Sox, you are the only only only!


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                        For me, Biggio is the Astros!

                        You cant help but think of him when you hear about the team.
                        BTW: Bagwell 2nd & Nolan 3rd.


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                          Biggio is the best all around player on the astros. Bagwell rocks the Sox. Nolan is the best pitcher the Stros ever had. But I have to go with Biggio.
                          Mickey Mantle RULES!!!


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                            The Toy Cannon was great. Power plus fielding.

                            Where's Cesar Cedano? His peak was certainly shorter than Biggio's or Bagwell's but he was one of the finest players in the '70s.


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                              jeff bagwell


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                                I remember watching an Astros game when I was a kid where Nolan Ryan hit a home run over the centerfield fence in the AstroDome!


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