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    Fire the GM!!!! He couldn't sign anyone and there must be something wrong with his nego. tactics. All he could do is resign Raul C. I am so disappointed at the Astros off season because the GM we have don't know what he is doing.
    Yeah, sure...

    You obviously don't know how team work or how a GM operates. Astro cover the fact that this team doesn't have the money to throw around as you assume they do and would like to bring Clemens back during May, so they would like to have the money to do it. The GM can only do so much with what he has and what's out there. It's quite easy to speculate that you know what a GM does when you really have no idea what a GM is allowed to do and what he can do and what he's limited to do. :noidea

    Astros offense is still weak, but if you look at this year FA pool, there was not much to work with to begin with. No need to go throw a fit about it. Look at the Red Sox management compare to Astros management. Sometimes making little to no moves is the best option at times. Just bring back FA players from your team is the best option, too.

    Remember, this team was in the World Series last year if you forgot.

    The core is of that team remain intact. Remember, you got the dominating pitching of Andy and Roy along with one of the best bullpen in the entire MLB. The Astros will be contending again next year. They'll contend for the league, unless the Cardinals decide to dominate the regular season again. :noidea


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      to the person who wants to fire Tim Purpura...ill admit i was upset that hunsicker resigned in 2004 and ill admit i questioned purp in the early goings...but without him do u think the astros would have won the wildcard, and nlcs last year...not likely...and the astros arent like the yankees or red sox...we dont have billions of dollars or whatever to spend...we still have a upper-middle range payroll and for a city like houston the astros (this year at least) are the big thing in town
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