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  • How do you feel about this?

    Thats a poll form the Cardinals forum. I just wanted to know what you feel about having 2 more people say the Brewers, Reds or Pirates will win over the Astros. I dont see it. I think the Astros have a little bit more of a chance than those 3.
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    Just a note to all the active members of BBF, I consider all of you the smartest baseball people I have ever communicated with and love everyday I am on here. Thank you all!

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    Doesn't bother me much, if that's what you mean. Astros haven't won the division the last two years and been in the NLCS both times plus the Series last year. The Cardinals should be the favorite at this time. As far as someone picking the Brewers, Reds or Pirates as a group, that's probably a safe bet, at least a safe longshot if for no other reason they are putting their money on three teams instead of just one like those who picked either the Cardinals or Cubs in the poll.
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      Heck, halfway through this last season the Houston Chronicle wrote the Astros off as DEAD. Big ole ad complete with an obituary. But, that's why they actually play the games.


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        most baseball writers picked the Astros to finish fourth or fifth in the NL central last year.
        Astros 1 ESPN 0


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          It's alot more than one. ESPN has zero though.


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            i really dont care because its all decided on the field...we may be the only team to make it to a world series one year and still have the ability to sneak up on people the next year
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              Originally posted by AstroBrit
              most baseball writers picked the Astros to finish fourth or fifth in the NL central last year.
              Astros 1 ESPN 0
              If you count all of the years ESPN predicted that the 'Stros would lose in the first round against the Braves or somebody else, the actual score would be:

              Astros 1 ESPN 5

              No disrespect for what I feel is a classy Houston organization, but come on, enough with the "us against the world" arguments. And yes, I hate it when the Cardinals pull that card too.
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