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  • Follow the Astros: 2008

    Hello everyone,

    This is a thread intended for introductions and welcome posts. I encourage us all who are fans of the Astros to participate, of course, but if you are a rival, or simply a fan of baseball itself, please feel free to post here!

    The only rules I ask are these:

    Keep it MOSTLY related to baseball. Don't rant about how bad your job is, etc....but topics that may be "out of the norm" are fine, as long as they are acceptable by the major guidelines of this forum, and don't inspire flame wars. Examples, you ask, that are generically ok? Music, fishing, pets, get the drift.

    The season is almost upon us. Let's create a "new" little community here that we can be proud of!

    Thank you.
    Please read the Baseball Fever Policy and FAQ Section before posting.
    "Some mistakes I guess we never stop paying for." -Roy Hobbs, The Natural

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    I would like see more input from Astro fans on this board.

    I know they're out there, maybe not many, but I would like to hear some imput to what's going on. :atthepc


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      I'm here after a looooong absence. I've got a few Astros fans that I know would want to be here as well. I'd really like to have a healthy number of Astros fans to talk to this year. Can't find a baseball fan in Austin to save my soul, let alone an Astros fan.



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