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  • Herr28
    Cesar Cedeno CF 1970-1981 Astros

    Cedeno won 5 Gold Gloves and was a 4 time All Star with the Astros. His stolen base totals from 1972-1977 were: 55, 56, 57, 50, 58, 61! He led the NL in 2B twice with the 'Stros in '71 (40) and '72 (39), and hit .320 in both '72 and '73 (OPS+ in those seasons were 162 and 152). His career totals over his 12 seasons in Houston were: .289/.351/.454, 1512 G, 1659 hits, 890 R, 343 2B, 55 3B, 163 HR, 778 RBI, 487 SB, and a 129 OPS+. Here are a couple pictures, and I hope some more Astros fans can really fill up this thread with great action shots!


    Cedeno safe.jpg


    Ashby, Cedeno, Cruz.jpg
    Cedeno standing next to Alan Ashby who is shaking hands with Jose Cruz.
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  • Herr28
    Mike Scott after his no hitter clinched the division in 1986. Another picture of Scott being congratulated by longtime Astros C Alan Ashby.

    Mike Scott no hitter.jpg

    Ashby and Scott.jpg

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  • Gary Dunaier
    I'm not an Astros fan, but I'll get things started by sharing some of my Astros-related photos from Citi Field...

    October 4, 2009: the very first pitch of the game – New York's Nelson Figueroa to Houston's Michael Bourn, a single to center...

    (Photo taken October 4, 2009. © Gary Dunaier. Link to upload on here.)

    October 4, 2009: Kazuo Matsui at-bat graphic as shown on the Citi Vision screen during the top of the 8th inning along with his numbers v. his former club...

    (Photo taken October 4, 2009. © Gary Dunaier. Link to upload on here.)

    Knowing that Houston would be moving to the American League this year, during Interleague games last year I got some shots of the ribbon board "prematurely" showing Houston as an American League club... when it comes to Interleague games, the out-of-town scoreboard lists the game under the league of the home team, and this was a road game for Houston...

    (Photo taken June 17, 2012. © Gary Dunaier. Link to upload on here.)

    Here's my ticket to the August 26, 2012 game at Citi Field... the final meeting between the Astros and Mets in 2012, and to my mind a pretty historic one regardless of the outcome... it's the last time the two 1962 National League expansion teams will play each other as National League opponents...

    Brandon Barnes at-bat graphics as shown on the Citi Vision during his at-bat in the top of the 6th inning of the Astros' 8/26/12 game in New York... this was Barnes' 13th Major League game...

    (Photo taken August 26, 2012. © Gary Dunaier. Link to upload on here.)

    As you might understand, most of my Met-Astro game photos are centered around the Mets, and in the context of this thread such images are of little value... but I had to end this post with this photo of New York's Ike Davis hitting a walkoff home run to give the Mets the win in the bottom of the 9th inning of that 8/26/12 game, because of its historical significance... it's the final moment of the final meeting between the two 1962 National League expansion teams as National League opponents...

    (Photo taken August 26, 2012. © Gary Dunaier. Link to upload on

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  • Herr28
    started a topic No Astros photo thread?

    No Astros photo thread?

    I went through all the Astros threads here and didn't see any photo thread. Would anyone be willing to get one going? I am new to posting pictures, and have only done a few on the Cardinals thread, and I think that someone who is much better than I should get the Astros photo thread started!

    I spent a lot of time in Houston last summer and went to a few games, giving me and my fanatic Cardinal family more respect for the Astros. It would be nice to see a thread start up to chronicle the great teams and players of the Astros time in the NL (not too mention some of those colorful uniforms)!

    Just a thought. Hopefully some Astros fan will start one up in the future, or I will finally figure out how to post decent sized pictures and start one anyway! Good luck in the AL, 'Stros! You will be missed in the NL!

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