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The typical (kinda new) tourist questions

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  • The typical (kinda new) tourist questions

    My parents and I went to K.C. in '05 to see the '85 Royals honored - which was good because we got to see a team on the field (and George Brett's autograph) even if the actual games were rained out.

    so with 2 rain checks we decided to go back this year while my dad can still walk with a cane (Parkinson's). We're going to see the Angels because of Mike Trout, mong others, and know some of the good tourist spots: Plan to see the Negro League Museum again if possible, hope to rent a car down to Olathe for the historical re-enactment since we didn't get a chance last time (there was so much to see as it was in K.C., plus we went to the Harry Truman Library).

    My main question is about restaurants - we enjoyed George Brett's (it was fairly new when we went there) but it's a bit confusing because one site said it closed in '08 (not unusual, it's *hard* for anyone to run a restaurant) but it seems like there's a new one open now. Is it any good?

    Also, what's some of the best ballpark food in Kansas City? I recall a couple really good barbecue places that we went to last time, and we plan to exchange the rain checks we have for a Friday and Sunday game, so it's possible we'll mostly eat before & after, but I figure I'll ask how that is anyway.

    Any other ideas? Anyone been to Olathe, what's a good place to eat at there or on the way back on Saturday?

    I got great tips for our Tropicana Field trip and PNC Park trip on these boards several years ago so I figure I might get a few good replies here.

    Thanks in advance, everyone.
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