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Happy Birthday Dan Quisenberry!

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  • Happy Birthday Dan Quisenberry!

    February 7th would have been Quisenberry's 55th birthday. Share your memories of the one and only -- Quiz.
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    Originally posted by SouthPaw77 View Post
    February 7th would have been Quisenberry's 55th birthday. Share your memories of the one and only -- Quiz.
    Wow - gone so young. One of my favorite pitchers to watch when I was a kid. Happy Birthday Quiz!
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      The Quiz was a special guy. Self deprecating with a wonderful sense of humor.
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        I'm from Detroit.

        And I really wanted Quiz to win the CYA instead of Willie Hernandez in 1984. He left us far too soon.
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          He was my favorite players when I was little. Not sure why, just was.


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            I remember reading about the night the Royals gave him when he was ill, and how some of his old teammates cried when they saw him...made me cry, too.

            I also remember an incredible quote from that time...Quiz said, "I never asked, 'Why me?' Why NOT me?"

            Mostly, I remember a guy who crafted an excellent ML career out of a little bit of physical athleticism and a lot of brains and guts, and who was a brilliant, funny, and intelligent man, by all accounts.
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              Happy Birthday Quiz!
              I remember trying to throw like you but could only come close while using a whiffle ball.

              You were a pleasure to watch and a great memory growing up.
              Go Gigantes!


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