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How well do you know the Royals?

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  • How well do you know the Royals?

    Kansas City appears to be on it's way back in the American League and are full of young talent, but what is missing?

    I'm looking for avery intelligent Royals fan, preferably a die-hard Royals fan who knows the ins and outs about the Royals.

    Let me know if you can provide me with some insight into your team. Give me an email address and I will contact you and we can exchange information. Thanks
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    After watching yesterday's game with the Cubs I'd say they need pitching but that's a given! :cap:


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      You name it they need it. Though quality defenders, they have offensive sink holes at SS and C. At least Buck hits a few dingers but his OBP is below .300 and Pena had the worst OBP in baseball last year amongst players who qualified for the batting title.

      They absolutely need Alex Gordon to be the guy they drafted and for Billy Butler to hit with power. They need Jose Guillen to post the kinds of numbers he has the last four years. They Mark Teahen to be the 2006 version not the pat-a-cake version of all his other years. DeJesus has to return to form. If all that happens the Royals can be a respectable offensive club. Otherwise the 3B coachis going to be lonelier than the Maytag repairman.

      On the mound they need Meche to be what developed into last year. They need Bannister to at least be league average in not better. Greinke has to continue to improve and as a starter. Tomko is a disaster. We can only pray that his contract doesn't cost us someone who might help. You can only dream that Hochevar develops rapidly into a #3-4 guy. The bullpen has to be sorted out. Losing Riske and replacing him with Mahay was not an upgrade or even a break even move.

      The Royals are very weak defensively in LF (Teahen) and 1B (Unknown). Guillen will improve RF for us. Not much can be done about this now.

      Above they must keep working on the farm system. Despite getting high draft choices for 10+ years the farm system doesn't have much in it. They absolutely must draft the best players available and properly develop them. They have sucked at both of those for years.
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        I have been a Royals fan since 1977 watching todays game reminds me of them waaay back then.
        Good job.


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