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It's hard being a Royals fan in Alabama

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  • It's hard being a Royals fan in Alabama

    Everywhere I look, people love the Red Sox for some reason, which is pretty much a joke. Everyone else likes the Braves. But neither of those teams know what it's like to be 2-0 in 2008. Greinke makes us 3-0 within 24 hours. I love you guys (except Ross Gload). We ballin', boys.

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    I hear that! Wonderful, talented and young are the three words I'd use to talk about this team. It's so nice watching a young team dominate an overpaid bunch of wankers. BRING ON THE BLUE JERSEY PHENOMENON!

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      Alliteration is pretty coo.


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        It's not easy being a Royals fan in Missouri, try to find any merchandise. All you see is red birds. :noidea


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          While the comment degrading the Tigers is not exactly smiled upon on this site, I really do hope the wonderful, talented and young lineup continues to mature and has every chance to succeed.

          So they beat my team twice in two games. That's nothing compared to what they did to the Tigers that last series in 2006. Good luck on the season.
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            You think you see a lot of Red Sox stuff in AL, try being a Royals fan in ME. It is all Red Sox (with a little Yankees' stuff thrown in). While I like the Sox, the Royals have been my team since I was a kid growing up in KS. If it weren't for Internet, I wouldn't have any current Royals garb.

            And it is great to see two wins in a row to start the season, especially against a team like the Tigers. Definitely feel more optimism with the start of this season than in years past.
            Go Royals!


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              Originally posted by Captain Cold Nose View Post
              While the comment degrading the Tigers is not exactly smiled upon on this site.

              Yep, no need to denigrate another team just because you win a couple games at their expense.

              It is nice to see ESPN saying nice things about the Royals, and yes, they are improved, but they aren't remotely ready to challenge.
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                it's a small world...i am a Royals fan in Alabama as well! I like the Braves as well...but my dad got me hooked on the Royals back in the early 90's when he lived in Topeka.


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                  I'm in VA. I began liking them as a kid, when Quisenberry was my favorite player. (Never sure why I picked him specifically, I just did ok :noidea). Mostly Braves fans in my area (i hate them). A few Yanks and Red Sox. Sometimes an Oriole.


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