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Jacomo Voters Approve Stadium Upgrade

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  • Jacomo Voters Approve Stadium Upgrade

    I must admit that I was very surprised to see the JaCoMo voters okay the sales tax proposal to up grade Royals Stadium ( as well as Arrowhead). I was very flabbergasted that the only voted down the goofy rolling roof 52-48. Honestly I thought neither would pass and thought the rolling roof would be defeated by a landslide.
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    Ghost, that'll teach ya to think when it has anything to do with the Royals..

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      The roof was something that I have opposed from the gitgo, and this may teach the owners a little something, if only a little. But honestly, the roof had three major hangups:

      1. The idea was badly sold to the public. I believed as others apparently believed that a vote on increasing the sales tax was an automatic vote for the roof, on one and only one issue on the ballot. The tax for the roof is still not clear to me, although I never had the chance to vote because I live outside the area.

      2. The organizers behind the idea apparently had misinformation from their public opinion polls. Organizers seemed to believe issue #2 was a slam dunk, given the passage of issue #1.

      3. Most importantly: The idea is too innovative to dismiss the idea of cost overruns. Any idea as progressive as this one will have a cost overrun, and the excess cost is not properly planned out (yet). If all the organizers were building were a stadium, then this is straightforward enough. A rolling roof of this magnitude is unique to this sportsfan, and there will surely be unforeseen developments.

      A side comment: The Kansas City area faces a unique challenge because of the split over the state line, and this has hampered the development of mass transit, revitalizing Union Station, revitalizing the downtown area, and probably much more. If Hunt and Glass are serious, then they will have to have private financing.

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