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    Reason why the Myers for Shields/Davis trade looks good: The Royals' other pitching is terrible

    Reason why the Myers for Shields/Davis trade looks terrible: The Royals' RF situation isn't good and the team doesn't look imminently competitive.
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    Wil Myers would look sooo much better in RF this year but oh well. The Shields signing is nice, but I think there's a 50/50 chance that he's either helping the team get to the postseason or being a salary dump trade in July. Considering KC's history, the latter has the better odds of happening. Perez should catch 140 games. Let Giavotella play every day - Getz and all the other crap sent out there sucked, sucks, and will continue to suck. Gordon could be heading to elite LFer this year and I expect a solid rebound for Hosmer. Moustakas was killer the first half and I think he builds on it. Butler rakes. The offense is there. If this team is in contention, I can see a trade for one more starter being the one piece at the deadline to maybe win a series.
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