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  • Salvador Perez appreciation thread

    As the season marches on, Salvador Perez's numbers validate more and more the worthiness of his All-Star selection. Though he has tapered off a little since a really hot start (he was hitting .307 through July 4 and is at .285 now), he has been extremely hot of late, hitting .311/.354/.578 with seven home runs and 23 RBI in just the past month. Perez has proven he can hit well throughout his brief career (his career BA is .298) and I think he'll be one of the team's bright spots for quite some time to come.

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    We'll see next year. Have any cards to trade? you collect the royals?


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      He was the catcher on my fantasy team last year and I'm going to make a play for him again this season.


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        Despite having a mediocre 2014, he made his second All-Star Game in a row last year. He's rebounded a bit this year, but his OBP is still very lacking (.297). With his power, he could be a more well-rounded, major threat if he'd get on base more often.


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          Through 272 PA's, Salvador Perez has hit 13 home runs and drawn just 5 walks.

          If he continues at this pace, he will be the first player in major league history (in a qualifying season) to have twice as many HR as walks.
          My top 10 players:

          1. Babe Ruth
          2. Barry Bonds
          3. Ty Cobb
          4. Ted Williams
          5. Willie Mays
          6. Alex Rodriguez
          7. Hank Aaron
          8. Honus Wagner
          9. Lou Gehrig
          10. Mickey Mantle


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            I like Salvador. He is the type of player that may not put up great numbers but you would love him on your team.


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